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The Formidable Nekomusume Overpowered in Gakkou no Kaikan

Powerful demon girl Nekomusume of Gegege no Kitarou (specifically her more attractive 2018 form) has become the victim of @OZ’s amorous animators in “Gakkou no Kaikan“, who have decided to have the cute girl forcibly gang raped by kappas and pleasing those that enjoy watching a strong woman be humiliated.

Her fateful encounter takes place at night and naturally when all her friends are away, leaving her completely vulnerable as she is captured, restrained and raped by monstrous kappa.

Gegege no Kitarou fans can perhaps use “Gakkou no Kaikan” as a form of relief due to the anime having too little service of the sexy cat maiden – the erotic animation is available now.

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