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Yumina the Ethereal Debates With Swords

School student RPG Yumina the Ethereal puts a comical spin on traditional RPGs as it features a group of students fighting for the title of student council president, with debates being dramatized into combat sequences.

The charming Yumina, whose poor test performance has led to her being forced to repeat the year, has learned from a mysterious girl named Kurokawa Kirara that winning an election war and becoming student council president will allow her to alter any school rule she wants – which she has seen as her only opportunity to become a senior.

Accompanied by a transfer student named Ayumu (sent by his father to protect Yumina), the 3 set out to get Yumina elected as president, participating in numerous debates and campaigns along the way to build notoriety (and also providing the occasional sex scene).

The surprisingly complex combat system features an abundance of skills to equip and utilize to “talk down” foes, with each character also possessing a unique skill tree where players can freely spend points and customize their party as they see fit.

Sporting hundreds of levels and 5 different endings, Yumina the Ethereal can be experienced by western eroge aficionados now.

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