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Splatoon Hackers Have Already Cracked Nintendo’s Anti-Cheat

The anti-cheat system that Nintendo employed in Splatoon 2 as a response to desperate pleas from their consumers has completely and utterly failed, as a deluge of videos depicting hackers playing in online matches have splashed onto social media.

Nintendo finally bothered to implement an anti-cheat system only after a “friendly” hacker hijacked the leaderboards pleading for it, as the game was starting to get overrun by jealous players illegally modifying their weapons and characters to give themselves an unfair advantage.

Worse yet was the fact that these hackers began to emerge only days before Nintendo was planning to launch their online service, most certainly a preview of what all the highly despised service was about to offer – several videos demonstrating how common hackers have become in the game:

It seems the leaderboards were also hacked several times as well, with a hacker also managing to reach the number 1 spot:

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