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Police Arrest Shoko-tan Stalker: “I Lost the Key to my House!”

Reputed pussy-sucker and guro artist Shoko Nakagawa has been subjected to the darker side of celebrity life once again, as police have arrested a man who had been constantly stalking her only for him to claim he “lost his key” and intended to impose on her hospitality.

The 33-year-old part-time worker from Tokyo’s Nakano ward was arrested by police on suspicion of violating anti-stalker ordinances, he was apparently waiting to ambush the idol outside her home on the 13th.

Last month, the obsessed fan was discovered to have been placing several notes inside Shoko-tan’s mailbox saying things like “tell me your contact address”, prompting police to issue him a warning instructing him not to follow the former young idol around.

Upon apprehension by police, the stalker admitted to his wrongdoings and explained “I lost the key to my home and couldn’t enter it, since I don’t have any acquaintances I thought I would rely on Nakagawa-san.”

The police are looking into how the suspect found out Shoko-tan’s address; she revealed the incident on her blog, expressing that she is still shaken up:

“In the past I had been worried about harm from stalkers, so I consulted the police. The culprit was arrested but this does not mean my fear and anxiety have vanished. I hope affairs like this cease to happen in the future.”

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