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China Quality Restaurant Offers Abortion Cash For Dead Rat Hotpot

A pregnant woman enjoying a hotpot in China has been aghast at the fact her meal came with bonus protein in the form of a dead rat, the restaurant however was gracious enough to provide her compensation for an abortion.

A man and wife enjoying a meal at a branch of hotpot chain “Xiabu Xiabu” located in Shandong suddenly discovered the dead rat in their food; the accommodating restaurant however reassured the couple, saying that they will gladly pay money to have the woman’s baby aborted:

“If you are worried about the baby, then we’ll give you 20,000 yuan (US$3,000) to abort it.”

“Flattered” by the offer, the husband was prepared to negotiate an amount of 5,000 yuan (apparently not interested in aborting his child) after his wife received a check-up.

Inspections were performed at the restaurant after the incident though it seems there was no trace of any rats, the only questionable things were some water building up on the floor of some areas and that its vegetable suppliers were lacking in qualifications.

Unfortunately the restaurant was still shut down temporarily to give them time to improve upon their procedures, leading some to wonder where the rat did indeed come from – though this is hardly the first time such stealthy critters have ended up as delicious treats, to say nothing of establishments where they are the intended main course.

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