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All of Catherine: Full Body’s Casual Secrets Laid Bare

A salvo of information has at last been unleashed for nearly imminent remake Catherine: Full Body, the game’s official website telling of numerous support options for casual players, different voice options for Catherine and some lewd extras courtesy of the limited edition.

First off, the new trailer for the puzzle game:

Catherine: Full Body’s website tells of a new “safety” mode for casuals, where there is no time limit, traps don’t trigger and there is no conceivable way of achieving a game over – a decision sure to shock no one given how easily the new generation of gamers frown upon even the slightest challenge.

Furthermore, should the guarantee of an uncontested win not prove satisfying enough, an “auto play” function is also available where Vincent will automatically climb on his own – “retry assist” takes the player back to the spot where they previously had a game over and “auto undo” puts them back one space before where they died.

Additionally, players can now alter Catherine’s voice via DLC, with the game’s limited edition possessing a DLC code for all 10 alternative voices – they will also be purchasable individually after the title launches.

Miyuki Sawashiro (the original Catherine):

Mamiko Noto:

Ami Koshimizu:

Aside from the free DLC voices, the limited edition also offers special “Nero Glasses” which will allow players to see all the characters in their underwear – a 4-CD soundtrack and 44-page artbook also come bundled.

Whether or not Rin (whose full name is now officially “Qatherine”) is a trap has, of course, still not been clarified, the potential secret possibly being reserved for the surprise players may encounter in-game – Catherine: Full Body launches for the PS4 and Vita on February 14th, the west will attain the title sometime in 2019.

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