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The Senran Kagura Girls Strike Again in Maid’s Sextreme “Massage” Salon

Pocomo Premium has finally unleashed the next jaw-dropping entry into its sex-laden Senran Kagura series, with “Maid’s Sextreme ‘Massage’ Salon” containing a few stunning shinobi from previous episodes along with some new ones for players to gleefully enjoy.

As per usual, the story is non-existent (not that players much care) as players take on the role of a faceless male being pleasured by the darling girls – with there being even more group-based action than ever before.

Buyers can expect about 50 total minutes worth of non-stop sex and favors; Maid’s Sextreme “Massage” Salon can see to buyers being locked up in their room for the next few days now.

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