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BPO Complaint: “If You Don’t Want Your Kids Watching, Don’t Let Them Stay Up Late!”

The next monthly report from the BPO has once again been filled to the brim with complaints sent in about currently airing TV programs, though one complaint in particular has shaken things up as it has complained about all the “parents” complaining about the existence of problematic late night anime.

The BPO’s August edition of their monthly report received 1,196 opinions from TV watchers via email, phone, fax and post; there have been numerous cases in the past of concerned parents sending in complaints about late night anime – from Youkai Watch to Inuyashiki to Magical Girl Site.

The complaint from the disgruntled individual complaining about all those complaining about late night anime:

“- An Opinion Regarding Viewer Opinion –

There have been excessive complaints regarding late night anime. Late night anime is broadcast at night so that children by chance don’t mistakenly see it, in addition to that, it is ridiculous to have the opinion of “what if a child sees it”. If a child is awake during the late night anime time zone, it is the responsibility of the parents to make sure the child is asleep by then, not the program.”

Publishing a complaint regarding the complaints (the sole intended purpose of the BPO report) perhaps indicates the BPO’s lack of bias; though some may wonder if eventually most of the complaints sent in will only be about the other complaints…

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