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Uncensored Eroge Finally Releasing on Steam

Eroge developers have taken advantage of Steam’s recent update regarding how the upcoming adult filters will work, with the platform apparently now accepting fully adult titles.

Dharker Studios announced on Twitter that they have been given permission by Steam to launch their sex-laden visual novel, Negligee: Love Stories, on September 14th, which will be in a fully uncensored state with sex and nudity:

Developer of Meltys Quest, Remtairy, also recently launched version 1.2 of the eroge, removing all censorship and possibly serving as the first fully uncensored game on the platform:

Kurenaibook, creator of Ayakashigami, also mentioned that their new upcoming game “Glare1more” will also launch with sex and nudity:

Those searching through the Steam store can see for themselves that some form of the filtering system is now currently in place, requiring visitors to be logged into their Steam account to see titles boasting adult content:

Curiously enough, Valve mentioned that their filter tools were still “months away” yet they are already implemented in some form now – the concept of “Valve time” seemingly being reversed in this regard.

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