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Hero Academia Fan Saves Woman From Stabber

Damage done by yet another crazed blade-wielding madman in California was contained thanks to the brave efforts of one valiant male, who saved a woman from the stabber’s onslaught and was revealed to be a fan of Boku no Hero Academia.

Of all places, the mad stabbing (believed to be a case of domestic violence) took place inside a Starbucks, with the 27-year-old bystander coming to the aid of the attacker’s victim, a woman, by getting in between them.

Both the hero and the woman were injured by what the more cowardly bystanders believed to be a machete, though the savior’s accompanying friend believes his intervention aided in saving the woman’s life.

The photo of the good Samaritan used in a TV news report depicted him wearing a Hero Academia shirt, which anime enthusiasts quickly picked up on and revered:

Interestingly enough, the 27-year-old was also revealed to be an artist and musician about to release an album entitled “The Mind of a Hero”; additionally his SoundCloud profile includes a track named “Otaku”.

Police managed to detain one male suspect they believe was involved; both victims are currently alive and well at a hospital and the Academian also underwent surgery on his hand, with backers of a crowdfunding project generously offering him about $20,000 in donations for his medical fees – the press attention to his artistic activities likely also being another well-earned reward.

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