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Enako: “I Made ¥10 Million A Day At Comiket!”

Famed cosplayer Enako has revealed that she made ¥10 million (nearly $100,000) in one day at this year’s summer Comiket.

Enako, frequently referred to by the nation’s media as Japan’s favourite cosplayer, recently announced during a TV variety show that she made ¥10 million from merchandise sales in a single day at the 2018 summer Comiket.

While being interviewed on TBS variety show Ariyoshi Japon, the esteemed cosplayer briefly discussed her earnings and described a line of 500 people queuing to buy her photo albums, which as the below samples evidence, might not have been such an unreasonable thing to wait for:

Her Comiket earnings were lucrative not only when compared to the general population, but even when compared to her previous sales figures: at 2016’s summer Comiket, Enako “only” made ¥10 million for the whole event.

More evidence of just how much she is worth:

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