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Nyotengu DLC For Dead or Alive 6

An new trailer for the prematurely infamous Dead or Alive 6 has emerged, with Marie Rose making her return to the series. Unfortunately divine goddess Nyotengu has gotten the short end of the stick, as she has been relegated to DLC – although not as short an end as western fans are now getting, as the best edition with all the sexy 3D oppads is Nippon only.

Nyotengu (along with Phase-4) can be obtained by pre-ordering either the Xbox One, PS4 or Steam iterations of the game – the official website has also mentioned that Nyotengu will become available to purchase separately for those who choose not to pre-order for some strange reason.

The overly melodramatic new trailer:

The Japanese trailer, odd only enough possessing a couple more seconds worth of footage and also detailing some of the pre-order bonuses:

Dead or Alive 6 offers various bonus editions to lure in more gullible gamers not put off by its developers attempting to woo the soy – the digital deluxe edition (available for PS4, Xbox One and Steam) contains a set of 25 bonus costumes, 3 musical tracks, a DDX exclusive Kasumi costume and DLC character Phase-4, all sure to appeal the e-sports core demographic the series now courts.

Another special Japan-only edition comes with various 3D mousepads, 5 bathroom posters and other miscellaneous good things – but is apparently Japan-only for some reason.

Dead or Alive 6 should bomb entertainingly worldwide come February 15th.

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