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China Kindergarten Pole Dancers Give Head Trouble

A kindergarten ceremony welcoming back its young students has included a little something for attending parents as a pole dancer could be seen at the event, naturally causing an uproar from parents and subsequently resulting in the firing of the school’s principal.

Occurring at a kindergarten in Shenzhen, parents attending a ceremony welcoming kindergarten students to a new year were met with a shocking discovery as scantily clad performers could be seen dancing around poles on a nearby stage, with students below the age of 6 being present to bear witness.

Videos were recorded of the shocking scene, which quickly spread across social media:

Some internet denizens were as equally disgusted as the parents:

“I really don’t want to know what the headmaster was thinking.”

“This type of dancing is not suitable for a kindergarten.”

“Well, I’m speechless. Pole-dancing could be an Olympic sport in the future. It’s an art form. Should it be denounced because performers don’t wear much? Do you cover your eyes when you watch diving events and figure skating?”

The local Bao’an Education Bureau promptly began an investigation on the incident and also demanded that the kindergarten offer an apology; in addition, the school’s principal was fired, who explained the dancers were merely meant for the parents to help “liven the mood” – the rest of her statement:

“I did not think through the contents of the performance… It was a very terrible viewing experience for the kids and the parents. For that, I sincerely apologize. I was thinking of asking the forgiveness from the parents and also promising them that we would not teach the kids this kind of dance. I just want the kids to know the existence of this kind of dance. That’s all.”

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