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China Quality UFO-Catcher Stacked With Cash

A rather unique game at a Chinese game center has apparently been accumulating notoriety for its fascinating premise, being a UFO-catcher but possessing a fan instead of a crane, which players use to blow money into the prize hole.

Naturally more intelligent individuals might wonder if the monetary reward would be worth the amount put in for what will likely be several failed attempts (and indeed, whhether it is even genuine currency) – a video of the fan game was uploaded to social media:

The cost of a single game was not found out but some discovered the inside of the machine to be housing multiple 100 yuan bills ($14.6).

The riveting game may likely be in existence for only a short while considering the potential losses, that is if the game isn’t rigged in the first place…

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  • Sounds like there is an announcer of sorts, so could be a special event.

    And this is Taiwan by the way. Those are 100NTD bills, and are roughly 3USD in the current exchange rate.

    It is also an innovation to the old crane game/UFO catcher formula, why are you guys bashing it?

    Crane game cabinets are rigged most of the time for super weak grab and instant release. It normally costs about 35 cents equivalent per go, and most machines will have a guarantee payout rate, where if you reach the amount of coins spent specified on the machine, the claw functions as intended for a guaranteed item. This one would likely cost at least a dollar for one try, unless of course it’s just a publicity limited event.

  • When I think of Chinese innovation, I think “being more straightforward (well, shameless) than anyone before dared to”. Like Azur Lane, which is a copy of Kancolle but they hired an artist who draws the girls way sexier and is just lewder in general. Or Tencent MMOs which are flamboyantly pay-to-win. Or the Baidu IME that famously contained spyware targeted the Japanese, but utilized a moe character to try to directly guilt people into not uninstalling it. In any case, a crane game where you fish out cash fits with my conception of Chinese innovation… I wouldn’t be surprised if their next innovation is bundling the cash with porn.

  • You’re wasting your money playing games like Stacker because they are all rigged. Every possible game in whatever arcade you’re in has a set payout rate. Which means you’ll to play more times than the item is worth to win something.

    The best chance you have with games with plush toys, is to hope they are stacked up near the prize chute so you can use the catcher to nudge said plushie over. I’ve done this a few times on Japanese machines.

    • Yeah, it’s like 10-20 years behind the rest of the world like everything in China.

      Claw games for everything from cash to lobsters years ago..

      The lobsters one had to be shut down because people started realizing that they’re mean sons of bitches and would go after the claw if you put it near their pincers, while not letting go of it until it released them.

      • Whenever I read the comments on topics about China in San Com, I realize that most people have forgotten that China (PRC) is still a developing nation. They are on average slightly better than Africa. Sure, there are a few cities that can compete with NYC or LA etc but only a few. When average down the development index of the entire nation, China is still developing. Don’t judge them with our standards. I usually just laugh it off when I see they do stupid shit on their own. Not like it affects me……until it affects me then I will shit on them. Still got a quarter machines thingy (Idk what that thing is called) at my local laundromat run by some Mexican dude.

    • In my country Brazil, probably even the boy would break the glass/acrylic and steal money from the machine ..
      Explode and Steal Bank ATM here is fashionable ..
      Some are so stupid that the damage financial done by the explosion is greater than the stolen money (often they leave with nothing)

      • Here in the UK you see stories about people using heavy rigged vehicles to literally pull an atm from the wall. They use some heavy duty equipment I think. It’s over so quickly that the authorities can’t get there before the criminals are gone. But because CCTV is literally everywhere, they eventually track them down.