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Steam Filters Finally Allow Sex

Valve has finally provided an update concerning their new content filtering system, which looks to completely open the floodgates to adult games of every stripe – if users are willing to see them.

About 3 months after their prior announcement, Valve provided a blog post containing details on their new filtering system:

Users can now select up to 10 tags to exclude in their account preferences, with “Mature Content” now being divided into additional categories: “General”, “Violence/Gore”, “Nudity/Sexual Content” and “Adult Only Sexual Content” and they now apply to the entire Steam store – users can also choose to exclude specific developers and franchises.

“Adult Only Sexual Content” will come unchecked by default, a reminder for those hoping to use the platform as a means of acquiring naughtier titles.

With the introduction of this new filtering system, many are hoping that full-blown eroge containing sex scenes may now be included on the store, which would be a first for the platform (save of course all the AAA titles with sex and nudity which were exempt for some reason).

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  • Users can now select up to 10 tags to exclude in their account preferences, with “Mature Content” now being divided into additional categories: “General”, “Violence/Gore”, “Nudity/Sexual Content” and “Adult Only Sexual Content” and they now apply to the entire Steam store – users can also choose to exclude specific developers and franchises.

    This. I love it.
    Now retards will hopefully stop trying to get anime games and novels banned since they can simple use this to not even see them. Ofc some will still do it since they are retards lol. But atleast most will be gone….hopefully

  • Still kind of screwy and hard to get it to save your “GIVE ME TEH PORN!” settings.

    Seems like the “developers” are still iffy about what they can and can’t publish though. Shitty puzzle games galore, but also some softcore porn movies (throw ,Pink Eiga, Inc. into the search) that seem like they want to put full blown porn, but aren’t sure if they can.

  • They really hide this frigging settings page. Instead of having a link to it in the Store, like they should. You have to go to Upper left corner of window>Steam>Settings>Account>Click ‘View Account Details’>Then go to preferences
    Who honestly thinks store preferences should be under “account details”. Account details are usually your email and stuff like that.

  • Paid digital distribution such as Steam is the SJW of game distribution. Digital distribution should not be paid for. Real PC gamers such as myself will continue to pirate and maybe buy the few proper physical releases that PC gets. You have to be mentally ill to pay for digital distribution.
    These rent seeking digital distributors are going to get video games regulated in the US but you drones are too brainwashed to see it. Keep worshiping your precious fat jew even though he has done enough damage already. Amazing how you people worship a rent seeking fat jew that demands money for literally nothing when you can get a superior version from pirating.

    • So do these “few proper physical releases” only charge as much as the plastic disc, packaging, and transportation expenses cost? If not, then you’re still paying for “literally nothing,” just stored on an optical disc instead of a file on your PC.

    • Well, you could use the ”100% Pure Aryan and Free” videogame distribution network, but I see several problems

      1)Presumably, despite the fever dreams of edgelords, they would have a very dim view of visual novels about a japanese guy defiling blond girls.

      2)The average ”Jew/Liberal” that edgelords hate go to college, kinda a requirement to make games eventually, while the average swatiska-toting dude end up in prison, where he learns shiv-making and meth-dealing skills that are much harder to translate into massive compagnies

      3)I suppose you are way too woke and way too intelligent to realize that boxes games are even more controlled.

      • The fact that you get this upset over someone refusing to give money to a rent seeking company and refusing to pay for a disgusting business practice just proves my point that you cucks that pay for digital distribution are a bunch of brainwashed drones and that paid digital distribution is the SJW of game distribution.
        I called him a fat jew because he is and because a lot of brainwashed digital distribution drones call the music and movie industry Jewish, but the Jew ran music and movie industry act less Jewish than the video game industry since they still give their creations proper physical releases. College doesn’t have any secret knowledge, many programmers and game developers in particular never went to or graduated from college, so no, it isn’t a requirement.
        Proper physical copies which mean they have the entire game on disc and don’t require some scum “service” like Steam are not controlled. Once I have the physical copy it is mine and the developer can’t do shit about it. When I install from the disc they have no idea since there is no account involved and I don’t have to go through their servers to get the game I already paid for. Steam/digital distribution codes in a box are not proper physical releases, in fact I don’t even consider them physical releases.
        Instead of getting triggered and calling me a nazi, how about you stop guzzling that corporate cum and start pirating, they continue to push digital distribution as hard as possible for a reason. Will you be defending these companies this hard when video games are streaming only?

        • You do know that even physically PC games is installed and run through either Steam or the developers own program, Right?

          Yes, the physical copy is yours and they don´t care because they already have your money. But they can easily stop you from playing the game if they want. Nothing stop them from doing that except their wish to sell even more copies of the game.

          You actually need to go through their servers, because that´s where most of the game actually is. What you get is an installer that takes the files it needs from the developers servers.

          Of course they push for digital distribution, do you know how much it cost to make a physcal copy and then ship it?

          Not only does it cost a lot of money, but it also take a lot of time to make all the covers and ship them. It´s easier, faster and more economical to just copy a game and send it to the buyer than having to burn it on a BD, make the cover and send it to the buyer.

          • A steam/digital distribution code in a box is not a proper physical release, and the fact that is what you automatically think of just shows how much of a brainwashed digital drone you are.
            I only pay for games that have the entire game on disc(s) and that don’t require some scum “service” such as Steam. So no, they cannot stop me from playing or accessing my physical or pirated games since they have no way of doing so.
            I don’t care if physical costs them more, I am not a corporate bootlicker and I don’t have a financial stake in their company so I don’t care if they make more profit from being digital only, the other side that they don’t mention is that you get far less in return for your money for digital and it has created a shitty environment since it allows for easy DLC, microtransactions, early access, etc. Also, thanks for showing your ignorance with the “burn it on a BD”, physical copies aren’t burned, they are pressed. I do burn pirated games onto blank blu-rays though.
            Industry had no problem being physical only before, in fact it was better back then. Even shovelware back then was better than any game released now.

        • I know you are way too woke and way too intelligent for that, but the entire concept of VIDEYAGUME is based on someone paying for them . Amazingly, I use the super advanced SJW tactic of ”buying games I think I will like and waiting for reductions on games that are ”maybes”

          • You aren’t buying shit when you pay for digital distribution, all you are doing is giving a donation to a company and as consolation get an access license to access certain files from their server. Might as well pirate if you don’t care about physical copies. You can’t justify paying for digital distribution.
            Keep guzzling that cum though, I know the industry loves how they have a bunch of bootlickers such as yourself that vehemently defends them anytime someone criticizes them.

      • GOG is just as bad, if not worse than Steam since they get the rights to sell games that used to be abandonware and start charging for them.
        Only good thing about GOG is that it is easier to pirate games on there.
        Piracy > GOG / Steam

        • They just took games that you stole complete with trackers, adware, viruses and everything else, got rid of the viruses and put in an emulator so it would be sure to work on nearly every system.

          I gladly pay for a game without any viruses and a working emulator than lose everything i have because i´m too cheap….

          • I have never gotten a virus or any type of malware or unwanted software from piracy.
            “you might get viruses!” is an actual strategy the industry uses to try to get people to pirate instead of pay.
            Get a few good sites to pirate from and you are set. Good old downloads gives you the exact same installer you get from giving a donation to rent seeking GOG, and you don’t have to have an account or be authorized by any official server to do so.
            Price has nothing to do with it, I’m willing to pay full price for a physical copy with the entire game on disc(s)/flash drive and that doesn’t require some “service” like Steam or GOG, but they don’t release those on PC anymore so I’m forced to pirate.

      • T1 More attractive girls and non-revealing underwear [at lewdest] could be seen.
        T2 Sexy girls and clothes that show skin, cat suits being an exception.
        T3 Naughty bits are a go!
        T4 Full on sex is allowed.

        Now for gore.
        G1 Nosebleed okay.
        G2 Injuries and never more a liter of blood.
        G3 Holy fuck that looks like it would hurt, paper cuts in bad places and finger gore.
        G4 Visible bone breaking and chunky salsa are ago.
        G3 and G4 might be swapped.

  • Not at all, devs doesn’t know if they can publish their adult games because they are still waiting for proper guidelines. And some games are awaiting to be published because “they are working in the new filter system”.

  • Nope, steam does not allow sex on the community hub. Games yes. Maybe uncensored. Im not sure. If someone can clarify on if now all the 18+ games got repatched so they can be original content. Let me know.

    But for the most part. If a mod wants to and if he’s having a shit day. The faggot can just flag your content and bar you from posting your stuff. So no. Sexual content is still a bannable offense. Most of the time though, they do just blur it by default. But if enough people report it or some shitty mod wants to just ban your content. They will. And there is nothing you can do about it.

    Its also fucked up to know that they’re complete control freaks and are really difficult to deal with and its like pulling teeth with them. You cant even reason with them. Whats also fucked is that its only 65 moderators so having to deal with millions of people talking to them. You know shit never gets done when its only 65 mods. And chances are. They could care less about their role as a mod and definitely spend more time “with their lives” than fulfilling the role they were chosen to do.

    What I also dont fucking like is the whole selection process; No application. They choose you to be mod and often times. The likelyhood of winning the lottery is greater than getting selected to be Valve’s own “community-moderators” And all of them have a fucking god-complex and act as if you owe them.

    They think they never make mistakes and every decision to them is them making the right decision.

    But it has gotten better. But its without no help from the mods themselves. You cant even get a chance to add them. Hell, even adding them puts them more on your radar and they just go snooping on your account and flag more stuff or whatever you have or own (groups), Its a lose-lose situation. It feels as if valve’s system is designed to fuck you in the ass everytime, regardless of what you contribute to the company. Valve, if you’re going to fuck me in the ass all the time. You should at least kiss me every once and awhile.
    2 years ago, there were non-existent support moderators and you got canned responses that feel as if they just have a retarded-monkey pushing 2 buttons to send messages.

    They either need new management or get some more fucking moderators. Is it really that hard to find intelligent and mature people online? Hell, I could have done a wayy better job than they can. At least I can dedicate my time to people and help them with their issues.

    They need to change their application policy too and allow people to submission system and just put them on the spot.

    For anyone else thinking against me. Im not salty, Im not a child, and Iam throwing a tantrum or begrudging a company for their unethical practices.

    But Iam not going to let the truth slide by given my experiences with the valve system. I have experienced the full spectrum of what Steam is capable of and what they can do. (aside from trade bans and vac bans. Lol)
    But its always perfect nor are they fair.

    Considering the great number of mistakes they have made. And you dont need to search far to realize how shitty they can be and their shady practices and critical mistakes that have left a sour taste in alot people’s mouths, making them think twice about trusting valve ever again.

    • Actually now you can goto a developer page and click on the cog wheel, then select ‘Ignore developer’ and you won’t see them or their games in ads or suggestions anymore. Bioware, Hare rained Schemes, EA, and some of the other scum lords haven’t gotten their pages finished yet, but when they do they’re getting blocked. Others like DICE I think have their shit up.

  • I can’t believe that this bitcoin mining botnet is actually meeting a decent halfway solution for their consumers, good for them

    The “trolling” portion of the statements (which look like dialog from Deviantart lazerbot’s magnum opus) looks like it can be abused by them though