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Kemono Friends 2 Gives Requirements For New Seiyuu: “How Big Are Your Breasts?”

The producers of Kemono Friends’ second season have caused some controversy by asking seiyuu for their three sizes on their audition application form.

The producers of the second season of Kemono Friends have begun recruiting new seiyuu and are allowing internet users to fill out an application form for auditions. They have caused some consternation, however, by demanding to know applicants’ bust, waist and hip sizes.

Perhaps more startlingly, although the questions about the applicants’ three sizes are mandatory, the questions about professional experience and academic achievements are optional, suggesting a rather interesting set of priorities.

The producers can of course easily defend their recruitment criteria by pointing out that successful applicants will also have to do some idol work, meaning that their appearance is relevant to their employability – nobody would want to look at or even visualize a bunch of ugly seiyuu.

Remaining fans of the series may well hope that the usual suspects in the west do not pick up on it: as one Twitter user pointed out: “since this is Japan, it’s not a big problem, but I think it would be a massive issue overseas” – many would of course be shocked to think that a blue-haired landwhale covered in tattoos could possibly be judged on anything but the quality of her voice.

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