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Night Shift Nurses Developer Mink Shuts Down

Spanning a legacy of over 25 years, eroge developer Mink – perhaps best known for their Night Shift Nurses (Yakin Byoutou) series – has announced that they are finally shutting their doors once they release their final work, a melancholic day for those who have kept with them for so long.

Mink’s representative director Toshihiro Abiru gave the statement via their official website:

“During the time we were creating eroge we dashed along to the best of our ability, however we’ve concluded that it is no longer our time. With the end of the Heisei era and the retirement of the national singer, two large happenings this year – it is time for Mink to officially end its own performance. Those who have loved Mink like a father starting from our initial establishment to everyone and all users who have supported us, we truly offer our sincerest thanks. It would fill us with happiness to know if people would think of us as one of the cornerstones of the industry.”

Mink came into the world of eroge in 1993 with Wonpara Wars; other notable titles they produced were Utsukushiki Emono-tachi no Gakuen (Sin Sorority), Masho no Kao (The Two Facials of Eve) and Tsubaki-iro no Prigione (Heritage From Father).

A full version of their “Mama Reido” series has been scheduled to be their final release.

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