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Nurse Steals 300 Pairs Of Pantsu

A nurse has been arrested for stealing 300 pairs of women’s underwear.

The 48-year-old man, working as a nurse in Kagoshima prefecture, has been arrested for the heinous crime of pantsu theft, as well as at least one count of trespassing. He became a person of interest after being seen on CCTV footage taken at a house in Kagoshima City; two pairs of pantsu had been stolen from the residence after they were hung out to dry on the balcony.

The hundreds of pairs of underwear were found after police searched his house, and he quickly confessed to stealing them, saying that he had done so over the course of the last four years. Police have put the pantsu on display at the Kagoshima Police Station, perhaps in order to show the scale of the theft, and are now looking at whether to charge the man with further underwear thefts.

This is far from the first such case of pantsu theft in Japan, and the nurse’s tally in fact seems rather small when compared to some previous cases.

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