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Japanese Photographer To Open “Women’s Thighs” Exhibit

Leg maniac photographer Yuria is to display 1,000 thighs as part of an autumn “World of Thighs” photography exhibit.

A Nagoya gallery is to host an exhibit featuring 1,000 women’s thighs for the autumn season, with the photographs fitting into such categories as “sports” and “appetite”. The “World of Thighs Photography Autumn 2018” exhibit is set to run from the 31st of August until the 24th of September at the Todays Gallery Studio in the city of Nagoya.

The photographer, Yuria, has some experience with this subject. Yuria’s leg-centric photography has previously gone on display at galleries in Tokyo and Nagoya with themes such as “Christmas” and “Tropical“, and a “World of Thighs Photography Cafe” was briefly open in Tokyo’s Ebisu district and allowed diners to eat while surrounded by Yuria’s photographs of women’s legs.

A selection of Yuria’s current and previous work can be seen below:

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