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Monster Hunter: World Pulled From China’s WeGame

The inscrutable demands of Chinese censors have this time forced the revered Monster Hunter: World off the market, as Tencent has removed the game from its WeGame platform.

Occurring no less than a week after its PC launch, many are theorizing this act to be part of China’s staunch efforts to control the flow of information online, even that as worthless as the grind for crafting mats in a coop action RPG.

A statement from WeGame claims that “authorities” were being bombarded with a slew of complaints regarding Monster Hunter: World, prompting them to simply remove it from their store and issue both refunds and a $4 dollar coupon to buyers – those who already own the game however can continue playing it.

Elaboration on the complaints sent in and why Tencent obliged them have unfortunately not been supplied.

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