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Fan-Made English Patch Arrives For Omega Labyrinth

Those dismayed at the cancellation of Omega Labyrinth Z‘s western release can potentially ease their melancholy by way of this fan-made English translation for the original game, Omega Labyrinth, with pure-hearted fans once again delivering where big businesses worried about social justice are not.

The available patch is currently in an unedited form (potentially possessing typos and such) but still allows players to go and read through the entire game without worrying about moon runes, something that will no doubt be showered with praise.

One fan has uploaded about an hour’s worth of gameplay using the English translation:

Fans desiring a translation for Omega Labyrinth Z instead may soon get what they want as the modders have been discussing the possibility of translating it – the fan-made English translation for Omega Labyrinth is available now, though its creators are still toiling away to try and improve upon it.

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