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  • Anyway i want to be a lucky bastard bathed by lolis and older girls together. If my towel would fall away, than there would start the most interesting talk: Why is it so erected?, What is it for?…

  • The idea of building schools in the village needs to be well thought out. On the one hand, it is great for people to learn to read and write, and to learn science and other techniques to better adapt to society and facilitate more advanced learning or professionalization. But in almost every culture there will always be the political use of education for purposes of corruption or manipulation of people which may mean vandalizing science and teaching of reading and writing.

    The best option is to soon invent the computers and the internet and distribute it free for the villagers to learn to live better.

    Only teach the girl from the furnaces to make semiconductors with a high degree of purity and use photochemical techniques and overlapping layers of silicon to make integrated circuits.

      • When I was in college I did a lot of melting and purifying silicon metal at a temperature of 1500 ° C to make solar panels. It is not so difficult to do, and far less complex than making glass. Effortless doping of silicon to acquire specific electrical properties is easier even using specific acids and making oxidations.

        • You realize that you need not only the material but also be able to reach (at least) micrometer precision? Modern chips are in the low nanometer range. You need clean rooms, electric infracstructe for air ventilation and pressure control, electron-beam lithography (for which you need high-voltage vacuum chambers), you need epoxy resins as carrier material etc etc.
          A modern infrastructure is not something you can just “invent” in a single lifetime.

          • You have to stop with this idea that just because it is an old society can not evolve. The pyramids of Egypt are its construction is unknown to this day. In the old age there were already steam engines, machines the endrenagem. The ships of the emperor Caligula had a complex engineering.

            Even Japan itself 200 years ago was a tribal region that by far had some notion of science, mathematics, technology, which was all explained by supernatural and mystical phenomena and believed in an emperor god and became what is totally different from that time .

            Writing and saving a document on a computer is no different than writing a hand or a newspaper on a parchment and watering it in a drawer or a stone.

            Any kind of society no matter how rotten or ignorant it can develop or evolve.

            It is perfectly possible that within two years a society of the bronze age can evolve into what we are today.

          • Still, they are in a bronze age culture. They could build something like Antikythera mechanism but to get metallic silicon, you need a chemical infrastructure already in place. You need SiO2, CaF2 and sulfuric acid of sufficient purity. While sulfuric acid was known in antiquity, the necessary purity wasn’t achieved until the 1800s. And they can’t even start on that until they create the necessary borosilicate glass labware or a similar thing made from metal but then it needs to be chromium-vanadium steel to resist oxidation. And for that they need..

          • I’m talking about a very simple computer not to build computers with ultra-advanced processors of billions of transistors in its encapsulation as the most current versions.

    • They pretended that? Isn’t this isekai anime by the numbers, though?
      1) Put modern day kid into world full of extremely stupid people with no technology or wisdom
      2) Throw girls at him but he is celibate to the point of making eunuchs look like sex monsters
      3) Give him easy to beat enemies so everyone fawns over him

      They’re not even trying. I would kinda feel ashamed as the author if my only unique thing is using Norse vocabulary.