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Devious Crawling Around In More Than Just Dungeons

Having accumulated over 15 million registered members from around the world, Nutaku has decided to add yet another new erotic game to its arsenal, with “Devious” offering a first person real time dungeon crawler filled to the brim with visual novel action and sex.

Set in a world where war is about to take hold due to a king’s heinous ruling, players must attempt to snuff out an approaching catastrophe in the kingdom of Nor as the ties between its 4 nations have grown to trigger a full-on war – laying claim to the title of “hero” and – of course – sex as their reward.

A trailer for the lusty game:

Devious boasts over 40 levels and both a “Story” mode and “Gameplay Only” mode, players can also select between 4 characters with distinct play-styles and their very own unique story – old school graphics and its classic dungeon crawling gameplay will no doubt highly appeal to retro gamers.

Devious and its 30+ hours of strategic gameplay can be experienced for the minimal price of $20 dollars now via Nutaku.

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