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VR Bicycle Simulator Lets You Play As The Handlebars!?

A crowd funded project is hoping to allow followers to see the world through the eyes of a female cyclist’s handlebars.

A project from on Japanese crowd funding site Pass Market is seeking to make 100 virtual reality videos that will let the viewer enjoy the sights of a woman’s crotch as she rides her bicycle. Fetish VR Video is seeking to raise one million Yen for the purpose of making such videos, with the money presumably going towards equipment, costumes, editing and paying the “models”.

As is the case with Patreon, the crowd funding site allows supporters to receive rewards based on the amount they contribute. Supporters who contribute a smaller sum will have access to the videos, while those who make bigger contributions receive privileges such as choosing the models, costumes and saddles that will appear in the productions.

Although the sample video features a woman wearing jean shorts, it can reasonably be assumed that some viewers will request such items as school uniforms, short skirts, shimapan and saddles with questionable designs, although excessively lewd requests may be deemed as being contrary to public order.

The project is still in its early stages, although Fetish VR Video has already produced a sample that can be viewed for free on Vimeo.

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