Nintendo UK: “£180 To Fix Your Cracked Switch!”

Despite apparently being the result of a common design flaw, Nintendo UK is charging customers £180 ($240) to fix their cracked Switches; this is around two-thirds of the price of a new console.

Even though cracks in the Nintendo Switch have been found to be very commonplace, with one fifth of customers encountering the problem, Nintendo UK are deeming the problem to be one of accidental damage. Since this is not covered by the warranty, they are charging between £150 and £180 ($200-$250) to fix the defect, with repairs taking up to two weeks.

British Switch owners have shared the following horror stories and email correspondences from their attempts to have consoles fixed by Nintendo:

Another user was quoted nearly £160:

A third Switch owner noticed a discrepancy between the cost of fixing the console using Nintendo’s service and the cost of the replacement parts for someone who wished to do it themselves:

Although 20% of Nintendo Life respondents said that they had been affected by cracks in the plastic around the edges of the console, Nintendo UK said that they had not received enough confirmed reports of the issue to consider it a design fault, meaning that repairs are not covered by the warranty.

North American users are apparently having their consoles repaired for free.

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