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Nintendo UK: “£180 To Fix Your Cracked Switch!”

Despite apparently being the result of a common design flaw, Nintendo UK is charging customers £180 ($240) to fix their cracked Switches; this is around two-thirds of the price of a new console.

Even though cracks in the Nintendo Switch have been found to be very commonplace, with one fifth of customers encountering the problem, Nintendo UK are deeming the problem to be one of accidental damage. Since this is not covered by the warranty, they are charging between £150 and £180 ($200-$250) to fix the defect, with repairs taking up to two weeks.

British Switch owners have shared the following horror stories and email correspondences from their attempts to have consoles fixed by Nintendo:

Another user was quoted nearly £160:

A third Switch owner noticed a discrepancy between the cost of fixing the console using Nintendo’s service and the cost of the replacement parts for someone who wished to do it themselves:

Although 20% of Nintendo Life respondents said that they had been affected by cracks in the plastic around the edges of the console, Nintendo UK said that they had not received enough confirmed reports of the issue to consider it a design fault, meaning that repairs are not covered by the warranty.

North American users are apparently having their consoles repaired for free.

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  • Anonymous says:

    actually bought a switch for testing 2 months ago and had it run like 2 – 4 days checking how high the temp can get and the cracks occur if its heated to a point and then u stop playing making it cooloff real quick, its brittle plastic from heat and cold reactions its a design flaw and they are making u pay for it

    Man nintendo is like the scummiest ever
    Buy our cardboard now pay for our mistakes

    • Anonymous says:

      “Man nintendo is like the scummiest ever” Nintendo UK yes. You might not believe it, but they dont (cant) have a straight line on what covers and what does not for all country’s

    • Anonymous says:

      Except we know what the plastic is and that’s not possible.

      The plastic they used can only be damaged at operating temperatures by physical or chemical abuse.

      Note that I specificy operating temperatures for a reason… Even the cheapest variant of that plastic requires 80 Celsius or higher to start seeing heat issues. As a mobile device (laptops etc. usually do the same) it has an emergency shut of. What is that shut off you ask? 65 – 70 degrees.

      They absolutely cheaped out on the system elements because an expensive system was never going to cut it but they weren’t retarded about it.

      The system cannot get hot enough to start causing heat issues with the plastic (or the metal in the case of those nonsense reports of them bending).

      I’m sure there are some that are legitimately badly made and somehow screw up, but general heat issues have yet to be proven when you look at what the stuff is.

      Most of these are people dropping them etc. and lying, guaranteed. Though there are a few others like Boogie2988 who have no spine and have let idiots convince them otherwise, despite knowing and admitting they were too rough with it (including public roughness with it meaning WE know they were too rough with it).

    • Anonymous says:

      No, you didnt kiddo.

      First off; you’re too poor to afford a switch and your mommy wont buy you one
      Secondly, it is literally impossible for the switch to get hot enough to warp the material it is built from.
      Thirdly, even if it DID get hot enough, which it cant, it also wouldnt be able to cool off fast enough to cause stress fractures in the material.

      Go be a retarded kiddie console warrior somewhere else, preferably on a busy highway.

    • Anonymous says:

      Except they don’t even do that and usually just end up erasing all the data when people send in their systems. Why do you think people have raised such a big stink about Nintendo making cloud saves part of their paid online service and not having any user available save backups?

    • Anonymous says:

      Thats still part of the warranty… This wold not float in the neighboring country(netherlands). Its clear its bad quality plastic(might be a bad batch). If dutch nintendo would ask money for the repairs, they would get punished by the authority that protect consumers for this bullshit. I have no cracks my self(lets hope we never). But if i do, hell i wont pay that amount of money, i rather repair it my self then(and i can).

  • Anonymous says:

    Fuck off Nintendo, you’re the one who had the oversight of this problem and sold it as defective and you’re asking people for money?
    Nintendo can go fuck off and die with the other console makers Sony and Microsoft.

  • Anonymous says:

    nintendo shills have the same sickness as apple shills. pay for lesser product, if it breaks its your fault for doing something wrong, not the makers. feel really bad about it, pay for another. wash rinse repeat.

  • Anonymous says:

    Lets remind you nintendo haters that this is the UK branch. We all know the UK sucks.

    Other Nintendo branches will probably not do the same.. or cant hah.

    Still bad design flaw.. and makes you question if this is a batch or factory problem.
    Not all switches crack, not all bend and not all are build in the same factory, same grade plastic.

    This go’s for any device… even computer parts.

  • Anonymous says:

    was that specific switch only with cracks on the back panel or also on the frame? because there are some which are only cracked at the back panel and for that it would be WAY too much money.

  • Anonymous says:

    When mine started showing hints of warping due to overheating, I took note and waited for a gamestop trade in bonus, they were offering +50% trade in, PLUS $100, so I got more for trading my switch in, than I had even paid for it brand new lmao. Ive been waiting to get it again, but now doesnt seem the time if its still happening.

  • Anonymous says:

    “official spare case from CHINA” Yeah, call me skeptical, but somehow I highly doubt it’s actually official, more likely to be a case made of even cheaper plastic.
    Not to defend Nintendo on this, but that cost is not just for the part itself, it’s also for their time to disassemble your console, fix what’s wrong with it, reassemble it and ship it. This isn’t a 5 minute job and more than one person is processing the console itself, hence more salaries to pay (And no, contrary to what some people say, they are not just giving you a new/refurb unit after transferring your data… They aren’t Apple, they give you back the same console unless it’s so broken they can’t do anything with it)
    Beside, if it was so cheap and easy to repair yourself, people would be talking about that instead of how Nintendo doesn’t want to deal with a handful of people who may or may not have dropped/mishandled their console demanding free repairs.

  • Anonymous says:

    You’d think with the cost they charge for each Switch unit they’d come with an OLED screen as standard. If you own the original Vita you can tell the difference in quality immediately between an OLED and a cheaper screen in a handheld.

    But I think Nintendo went with the plastic shell & cheaper screen route because they know they will have very young kids playing their games and they are most prone to dropping or treating their device roughly.

    • Anonymous says:

      May is universally hated by the left and the right in the UK. That said, the Conservative Party are Conservatives in name only, most of them are liberals lacking in true conservative values. They’re all PC and shit.

    • Anonymous says:

      Nintendo is run by retards in Japan, actually the whole entire team who works for Nintendo are retards even Nintendo USA’s CEO Reggie is a retard.
      Nintedo: We hire retards everyday everywhere.

      • Anonymous says:

        Lol! Why you emphasize USA’s CEO? Everyone knows, that most stupid people live in Retardes states of america. It’s only natural, that “Nintendo USA’s CEO Reggie is a retard”

  • Anonymous says:

    Another shittily written clickbait article from some assmad SEAnigger

    20% of all switches? No mongoloid, 20% of 800 people that replied to the poll is not “20% of all switches”, furthermore, if your diminutive monkeybrain had the capability to read, you’d also have seen that of those 20% reporting cracks, 80% later admitted that they caused the cracks themselves by dropping it etcetera. Safe to assume that the remaining 20% are just sad little liars, like the “bent switch” console warrior, which turned out to be self inflicted.

    But please, do keep autistically screeching about how the switch magically fractures itself, much like how you fractured your ass.