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Super Mario 64 Beaten In Under 7 Minutes

Speedrunner Drozdowsky has set a groundbreaking new world record by finishing Super Mario 64 in six minutes and 41 seconds.

Drozdowsky has beaten the record of Japanese speedrunner Akira by finishing 3D platformer Super Mario 64 in six minutes and 41.76 seconds. Akira’s previous record was six minutes and 44.23 seconds. It almost goes without saying that the speed run makes rather liberal use of shortcuts in order to achieve such a short completion time; the rules of this particular speed run do not require any stars to be obtained.

The speed run can be seen on Youtube without voice overs:

Or on Drozdowsky’s Twitch channel with rather animated commentary:

Although completing the game in such a short period of time is certainly a notable achievement, it is perhaps less impressive than zserf’s feat of completing the game in under two hours whilst wearing a blindfold.

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