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Kikuko Inoue Becomes A Vocaloid

Kikuko Inoue (the seiyuu responsible for Cecile in Code Geass, Clannad’s Sanae Furukawa and many others) has been revealed to be the voice of the newest official Vocaloid: Haruno Sora, a singer that musicians can have fun experimenting with whilst using the newly launched Vocaloid5.

Haruno Sora offers 2 varieties in which budding composers can utilize her: “natural” and “cool”, she is available for both Vocaloid5 and Voiceroid2 – an official demo song:

Haruno Sora singing “Koi no Jumon wa Sorasora”:

An official announcement video from Yamaha showcasing Vocaloid5:

Some fan art of Haruno Sora that fans have already sketched up:

Vocaloid5 can be purchased now, the Haruno Sora library will be available come July 26th.

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