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Rinoa Heartilly Coming To Dissidia

Final Fantasy VIII heroine Rinoa Heartilly will be to next DLC character for Dissidia NT, and will be bringing her dog Angelo with her.

Square Enix have announced Rinoa Heartilly as the next DLC character for Final Fantasy Dissidia NT, with an announcement trailer showing her fighting against Ultimecia alongside her beloved dog Angelo, the source of her limit break attacks in the game, and FFVIII protagonist Squall:

The trailer suggests a fighting style based predominantly around projectile attacks and magic, which is unsurprising given her skills in Final Fantasy VIII itself.

Rinoa is the third DLC character to be announced for the game, following Final Fantasy VI‘s pilfering protagonist Locke and Final Fantasy XII‘s venal villain Vayne Solidor.

There are now three DLC characters yet to be announced: two male characters from the eighth to fifteenth installments of the series who have not appeared in a Dissidia game before, as well as one female character from the eighth to fifteenth games who has been in a previous Dissidia game. The female character will be either FFX’s summoner heroine Yuna or FFXI’s Prishe (who was originally voiced by no less than Aya Hirano).

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