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Two New Strike Witches Anime Announced

Lovers of not-pantsu and adorable animal-eared girls trying to save the world can look forward to at least one of the two upcoming Strike Witches anime that have been announced, as the other is trying its hand at something new…

The franchise’s special 10th anniversary event served as the stage for the announcements, with one of the anime being “Strike Witches: Road to Berlin”, which will see to the return of the original Strike Witches cast and is slated to air come 2020 – a PV:

Idol otaku may better appreciate the 2nd anime as “Ongakutai Witches” (airing in 2021) stars 9 cute witch girls who instead sing and dance as opposed to fighting off evil aliens – the unfortunately scant PV:

Animation will be handled by David Production and by the looks of things, the up-close pantsu shots are back and better than ever…

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