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Yuru Camp Fans Invade Campsites For Illicit Photography

The manager of a camping site has complained that ill-mannered Yuru Camp otaku are invading the site without paying just in order to take photographs.

Despite early signs that the popularity of Yuru Camp had sparked an increase in business for camp site owners, it seems that there have also been negative consequences for the industry.

Otaku have been infuriating camping site owners by invading their parks in order to take photographs of the holy sites, with the result that fans of the comfy camping anime may be developing a reputation for poor manners and lack of common sense.

A Yuru Camp fan has described attempting to go to Pinewood Caravan Park in Yamanashi Prefecture to take photographs and encountering a fearsome atmosphere from camp owners who were evidently tired of photographers coming to the site without any intent to pay. In addition to being frustrated by the influx of non-paying pilgrims, the owner seems angry about having the caravan park turned into a holy anime site without his permission.

Yuru Camp fans are not the first to be informed that they should not enter private property without permission, although camp site owners may be pleased that they have not yet sunk to the same depths as other anime fandoms.

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