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Eurovision “Cultural Appropriation” Triggers SJWs

Western social justice warriors have once again become offended on Japan’s behalf, this time as a result of the Eurovision Song Contest’s winning entry.

Criticism of the Eurovision Song Contest has shifted this year from the usual claims of politicised voting and questionable music taste, with attention instead being drawn to the winning entry’s supposed “cultural appropriation” of Japan.

Cetacean Israeli singer Netta Barzilai won this year’s contest with a performance that incorporated a number of Japanese and other east Asian themes, including frequent use of the word “baka”, references to Pikachu and a dress that somewhat resembles a kimono. Naturally, this lead to a number of commentators to accuse the artist of cultural appropriation:


“Can I, however, ask if anyone here has already commented on the quite shocking Japanese cultural bastardisation-appropriation going on in Netta’s song?”

“Netta: ‘Celebrating diversity’ – you do know that cultural appropriation is not diversity, right?”

“WHY is no one talking about the cultural appropriation in Netta’s performance? That was not cool at all”

“israel winning with this cultural appropriation bullshit……. are you kidding me…… i watch eurovision one time and it’s trash”

In the majority of cases, responses to these accusations were negative, with people pointing out inherent problems with the concept of cultural appropriation itself, as well as the fact that even if one accepts the theory, it can not apply when a person from a country as small as Israel imitates the culture of a country as large and wealthy as Japan.

Netta herself has proclaimed a deep admiration for Japanese popular culture and has a particular penchant for Pokemon. Perhaps appropriately, she has compared herself to Jigglypuff and Snorlax in an interview with an online British tabloid.

The incident is perhaps reminiscent of previous cases where left-wing activists have attacked art gallery exhibits and condemned little girls’ tea parties for supposedly “appropriating” Japanese culture. As in those cases, the majority of actual Japanese people seem to be rather confused about what they are supposed to be offended by, with very few criticising the singer for anything except poor taste. The following comments have been made by Japanese people regarding the controversy:

“Westerners care too much about silly things.”

“The millions of Japanese people with dyed hair must be laughing at this.”

“Culture is meant to be stolen. If it’s not worth stealing, then it isn’t culture.”

“If people keep claiming ‘cultural appropriation’ then people will not touch our culture. Then, people will not understand our culture and it will be easier to become our enemy.”

“In a contest like this an Israeli should use their own culture to win, not steal Japanese culture!”

“The clothes and cats are Japanese. The song is Korean. The make-up and hair is Chinese.”

“If someone properly uses and appreciates Japanese culture, then I respect them for it. If not, I just don’t care about it. It’s simple.”

“Are these people using the term ‘cultural appropriation’ properly?”

“She seems like Naomi Watanabe. I don’t like Maneki Neko though. That’s too much.”

“Is she Japanese? It all looks Chinese with the colors.”

“It doesn’t seem like the designers know much about Japan, but whatever.”

The performance can be seen below:

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    • Anonymous says:

      The EU is much more cucked with SJW trash but we just live in denial much like we pretend that we do not have a terrorist epidemic going on here in the little EU. European countries are the only ones that have a forced female quota when it comes to jobs and the faggy eurovision bullshit is filled with communist trash.

    • Anonymous says:

      America is the reason why no one would dare attack a Nato country. As the biggest contributor to the NATO defense, by the law of the charter an attack on one nation is an attack on all of them. And no one is dumb enough to do that.

      • darkjoe400 says:

        Hate America all you want but are country will certainly outlive yours in the long run. Are founders weren’t complete dumbass that gave the government free reign to shit on their citizens individuals rights. Also want less wars then pay for your own countries defense but we both know its easier to front the bill to the US taxpayers (like myself) instead.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Hate America all you want but are country will certainly outlive yours in the long run” with all the guns and the crazies in murika who shoot kids and mass murder cause they are insane just like the rest of murikans , yeah right cause more guns in peoples hands are gonna make murika great “again” , keep em coming, soon it will be only a desert full of violence and destruction for a country that always has been violent and destructive and that’s karma for ya.

        • Anonymous says:

          “Also want less wars then pay for your own countries defense”
          Yeah tell it to Syrian women and kids. “Sorry guys, you haven’t payed enough for your country defense (At least, not as much as North Koreans have), and we need your country to be our tool in our fuel wars, so don’t blame Murica, blame yourselves” :/

          • darkjoe400 says:

            Haha feel sorry those women and kids live in such a shitty country that fapper on Sankaku Complex is pissing themselves in the pants with sadness. Tell you what Anon YOU go to their country kick out those mean old terrorist and dictators with positive thinking (don’t forget to bring as gas mask). While you do that America will deal with all the world problems like always because other countries are to chickenshit to deal with tin pot dictators (and have a decent military).

      • Anonymous says:

        “America is the reason why no one would dare attack a Nato country”
        LOL! Every sane person understands that Nato is just an excuse to expand towards Russia and China. Attack Nato country? Those countries are attacked every day. It’s just your precious mass media brings as if scary terrorists are doing it all.

    • Agree, burgers leftiest today have the same stupid moral concept like their previous generations have back in ’90 and before, sadly its much easy to spread their stupidity arround the world today. The worst part is that the young people is who lead this shit. And once again tell them in their face that their aren’t the moral guide of the world. Swj today act just like their “right and religious” parents and grandparents before

      • Anonymous says:

        Its stupid as hell that SJWs live in a state of perpetual offense. They basically move from one “cause” to the next without fail. Virtually anything and everything upsets them. What the hell happened to cause so many people to become soft thin skinned fucks?

        • Anonymous says:

          When fuckheads in political offices decried the use of the paddle or belt to discipline children while parents are fooled into thinking that anything wrong with the child’s personality is their fault and should be treated with therapy lessons and drugs, and that to correct a child’s attitude is abuse that’d get them arrested and the child taken in by Child Protection Services. These SJWs are a result of the government having too much of a say in the raising of children.

    • Without America the world would probably be like the rest of the world that is not America. Which pretty much would be pretty bad, pretty fucking bad. 80%-90% of media comes from America and even then things are pretty bad outside of America. I mean come on now.

      • The only thing America is better on than other countries is school shootings, racism, greed, and children killing themself or others with their parents guns…

        America is the country you look too when you want to see how you should NOT do sometihng.

        • kindly fuck off, you don’t know any shit in america. most shootings happenned because of gun free zones. and FBI already knew the shooters yet they let it happen. facts is that most shootings happen under areas where they have most strictest gun laws.

      • Anonymous says:

        Degenerate germans ruined Europe once again aswell with their disgusting race crawling through Europe yelling while holding Dildos in their hands and screaming at anything that triggers them. Truly digusting people.

        • Anonymous says:

          you clearly never set foot in any european country and especially not germany. you only repeat some made up bs that you read on some shady chan board, that is filled with equally disturbed people like yourself. go travel through europe and live there for a year or two if you can. then you will realize how crappy america really is. my parents moved from america to germany when i was a teen. i wasnt thrilled at first, but now that im older, if i had to choose, i would pick germany over america any day. america the greatest country in the world lmao. yes, great at being morbidly obese and having a below average iq.

          • Anonymous says:

            The english nice? You mean the country that needs to have their government step in to stop shops from selling acid so people won’t keep getting attacked on a daily basis or how their far right has been beating and even killed a few of their polish citizens just because they are so pissed off. Posts like yours are so stupid.

          • Anonymous says:

            Ive been to London, and despite getting blindsided by a gypsy women and confused out of 80 quid, the people there were more friendly than any place Ive been in the US. I prefer a place I got robbed better than my own hateful entitled country lol

  • Anonymous says:

    I stopped taking the Eurovision seriously years ago as its so political with the voting. The best song usually doesn’t win, rather the countries that vote for their neighbours sweep up the most votes. When the results for each country come in you can usually predict who will get awarded the most points from each country. The UK naturally does poorly because we assisted the United States in Iraq & Afghanistan.

  • Anonymous says:

    am i the only one here who just thinks you should showcase your own country’s style and traditions at the eurovision ? 😛

    i mean, yes she’s some annoying weeb, but is it really relevant to israel? is it what they want to show to the world? 😛

  • Anonymous says:

    The most funny is that someone fucked, or fucking or will fuck this pig (she will have money so for suree now – there are also guys who like such things). Who cares about voice or costume or nationality. If something for anime fan is unesthetic he just closes the page and look for cute anime girls.

  • Anonymous says:

    Taking Eurovision seriously and thinking it’s anything but trash is the same as confessing to be a blistering idiot. But then again, SJWs are morons, so that’s nothing new.

  • Anonymous says:

    Well, I get that eurovision is supposed to be western countries vs other western countries in which case using shit from eastern cultures is somewhat like cheating… But are we seriously going to take eurovision that seriously? eurovision is the stupidest shit ever. There hasn’t been tasteful music in it for at least a decade now.

  • Anonymous says:

    Why should any otaku care about Eurovision? It is just another reality based shat show they have on, just like any other boring shat shows they have on in EU or the States, because according to the media and mainstream news, shat shows like these are more worthy than Miku or anime, and that is why they try to can every anime on their time slot, over some shat show or shat cartoon. Even if the anime they have on are often shat tier anime, it is still way better than most of the shows they have on, which are shat shows and shat cartoons. Only thing they have of any worth are certain provoking documentaries.

    Also Eurovision gave us the singing bearded lady as another winner, maybe to laugh at her instead of laughing with her.

  • Anonymous says:

    part of me wants to agree how this cultural appropriation shit is fucking stupid, theres no such thing as cultural appropriation, every culture borrows. for example, a lot of mexican festival culture comes from the fucking germans.

    but at the same time, im tired of the cucks here crying about SJWs. no one cares about your alt right crying, and trumpanzee cuckery.

      • Eurovision started as a 3 country song contest between Norway, Sweden and Denmark. At that time all songs was was in the native language and had their own culture miced in.

        Finland was the next that joined then the rest of EU, and even then it continued with the songs in the native language and culture at first.

        But now it have thrown all that away, it have become a money and prestige show more than anything 🙁

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes, she can sing and the song itself wasn’t bad. The problem with her is that she claimed that Europe chose to celebrate diversity and “Thank you for choosing different.”
      No, you fat fuck, you won because you can sing. I can’t understand these people. Why is she lowering her own victory to make it seem she won out of pity?

      • Anonymous says:

        European contests and awards are all politcal that are controlled by marxist scum that only rewards someone if it benefits their agenda. It is why EU is a giant shithole living in denial.

  • Anonymous says:

    Social Justice Warriors ?
    With what they do there ‘s not social, nothing about it is Justice and they behave cowardly acting behind internet anonymity which is not very warrior like 😛

  • Anonymous says:

    I’m progressive and I think Sankaku is just being “trigger happy”… again. Seriously, get over yourselves FFS.

    And I don’t see the problem. A person can wear wherever the fuck they want and sing whatever they want ROFL. The people that bitch about it are as delusional and dangerous as the people that want their culture to be the only one. (Neocons. Hint hint.)

    Can the site please go back to otaku whackiness instead of this political propaganda shit? Please? Y’all are allowed to post whatever you want but… c’mon…

  • Anonymous says:

    Omg having like 100 lucky cats in the background , lets call it culture and say she is stealing it and not appreciate it at all …
    Cmon people of the world stop with the egoism and the naive part of being persuaded by people who are just looking for a small little fight …

    All I saw is a big woman who made a song thats a bit interesting , oh it has a word in jap , or whe wears half a kimono , and has like star wars beans hair …

    People grow up and stop being salty , the song sounds good and has a beat that is why it won .

  • Anonymous says:

    Now i might not be the best on knowing where on the globe every country is located but i’m pretty sure Israel is not a part of Europe .. i still remember when the only countries that could compete in Eurovision were countries from Europe .. besides that it has mutated into a lefty all inclusive dumpster fire that concentrates on spreading ideologs and is hasn’t been about singing talent in a Long time so most people globally have stopped watching this tripe

    • Anonymous says:

      Israel is actually in the Middle east thou , Israel is an associated state of the European Union. The relations between the two are framed in the European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP), the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership, and the Union for the Mediterranean.

  • Anonymous says:

    But when japanese girls put on maid costumes and work waitress jobs that’s not cultural appropriation isn’t it?

    No, it’s cultural appropriation when white people do it.

  • Anonymous says:

    The only people who bitch about cultural appropriation are racists who dislike the idea of other cultures being shared, and want to live in a world where culture is divided and segregated.