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Akechi & Shinjiro Dance Up A Storm In P3D & P5D

Pancake-loving schoolboy detective Goro Akechi and tragic hero Shinjiro Aragaki can be seen dancing in the latest trailers for the Persona dancing games.

The two characters had already been announced as DLC for the games, and Atlus has now released the first actual trailers showing their dancing styles in-game:

Both characters are appearing in Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night and Persona 5: Dancing Star Night and join Lavenza, Sho Minazuki, Labrys and Theodore in the list of DLC characters for the two titles.

In addition to the trailers, costume designs have been released for the two DLC characters, showing them in their normal outfits, beachwear, butler costumes, Velvet Room costumes and battle outfits:

Several new costumes for Morgana have also been revealed:

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