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Yoko Taro: “Stop Complaining About Fan Art & Cosplay!”

The usually lighthearted and comical Yoko Taro (director of Nier: Automata) has seemingly assumed a more serious stance as a series of tweets he made has been directed towards “haters” who criticize poor fan art and cosplay, with the accomplished director saying that such individuals should “stop talking”.

Yoko Taro’s 3 tweets on the subject:

“I was looking at an image of 9S vs. a bunch of 2Bs (the one from the tower) and thought ‘Oh, that was a good idea to take a bunch of photographs for a duplication thing,’ but then I was amazed to realize that it was actually just a bunch of 2B cosplayers.”

“The reason I don’t post URLs or actively RT cosplay and illustrations is because I want to avoid sending weirdos their way. However, I do post things when it’s part of their occupation. I think getting public exposure is part of the job. That’s just the standard of operations at our company.”

“I’ve always thought that there are way too many people who complain about fan art and cosplay of others. Even if the illustration sucks, or even if the cosplay is completely different from the character, at the very least they still make me happy. These people basically do it because that’s what they like to do, so outsiders should just shut up and stop whining, at least that’s what I think.”

Whilst artists can probably survive without his protection, they will at least be glad to know he is not in favor of suing them into oblivion…

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