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E3 2018 Titles Completely Leaked

The imminent arrival of E3 2018 has once again led to the titles of the show being “leaked”, with games from every major company being revealed and likely causing many to take them with a grain of salt considering such “leaks” happen every year and make for a markedly more attention-grabbing announcement than a mere event program…

A list of all the games that have supposedly been leaked:

E3 2018 will commence on June 12th until June 14th.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Detroit Beyond Human is about to come out and you’re telling me they’re going to reveal Heavy Rain 2 at E3? You think Sony is really going to advertise a disaster like No Mans Sky at E3 again? This leak is beyond bullshit

  • Anonymous says:

    This is the most bullshit leak I’ve ever seen.

    Diablo IV being shown at E3 instead of Blizcon?

    The Destiny 2 reveal being part of the Xbox show despite the truckloads of money that Sony has paid for their exclusive relationship with Destiny reveals and exclusive content?

    Sony giving No Man’s Sky a second chance after that disaster the first time around?

    Seriously doubt Square is going to announce a FF8 remake when they’re so behind with the FF7 remake and delaying it…but they’ve done crazier things.

    Bloodborne 2 is possible, but extremely unlikely. At least it’s accurate that it’d be being made by Sony and not Fromsoft since they announced they have no intentions of doing another Bloodborne game and Sony owns the rights to it if they ever decided to.

    The Nintendo list looks possible, but if anything looks too “real” to be accurate considering Nintendo always seems to randomly show off totally unexpected and strange stuff rather than what people want/expect.

    • Anonymous says:

      No Mans Sky is a lesson not to release alpha state games into the market. It needed at least another year or two in development. They would have avoided the shitstorm had they not became greedy fucks and released so early. But oh well, its happened.

  • Anonymous says:

    Bloodborne 2 and diablo 4 would be amazing, but seem sketchy since diablo 4 would almost certainly be announced at blizcon, and fromsoft has more or less said they aren’t working on a bloodborne 2.

    • Helvetica Standard says:

      IIRC, FROM said it wasn’t on their plans and likely wouldn’t happen at all.
      Which makes it extremely unlikely that something that’s not even in pre-production would get a reveal trailer, let alone a gameplay demo.

      • Anonymous says:

        FROM’s main director, Hidetaka Miyazaki has said several times in the past the Souls series is done. That includes Bloodborne. He said he wants to push the team in new directions, or move to different franchises rather than being the one-trick pony developer.

        The teaser shown from PGW is likely either something brand new or it’s related to the return of Tenchu. Miyazaki has also said a few times in interviews he’d love to go back to Armored Core as well.

  • Anonymous says:

    Looking thru the leaks… It makes my heart hurt… Sooo fucking bad… But. I honestly can say that i trust one Leak… Metroid Prime: Renegade. Those that have played the Metroid 2 Samus Returns game probably have noticed that Interesting… Memmory, once you collect 100% of all upgrades in the game.. That memmory showing a red flashing screen with what looks to be Chozo killing other Chozo… And that fits really well with the text on the info. “Explore the surface of a planet, fight against a renegade Chozo”… This i can believe will be hapening. Otherwise the hint in metroid 2 samus return on the 3ds…. will be kinda pointless if you ask me.

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s been a while since I seen a fake leak this obvious before. Even the Nintendo presentation is a fake, Yoshi’s Flipping Island? Nintendo wouldn’t give that name to a children’s game, an hour of Luigi’s Mansion? I mean come the fuck on, they were not even trying.

  • Anonymous says:

    Not saying this is real but Nomura today said that KH3’s release date would be announced earlier next month and he was seen wearing a Stark Industries T-shirt so…

    Also some of these games where outted already by that Wallmart pre-order list so one might say that where there’s smoke there’s bound to be some fire…

  • Anonymous says:

    This is such a bad attempt at “leaking”. Why was this even posted to begin with?

    – EA has already confirmed Battlefield “1945” is called “Battlefield V”. Several press releases confirm this.
    – What even is “Star Wars: Mandalorian Nights”? Was it supposed to be “Knights”? EA canned Project Ragtag and has yet to even acknowledge they’re salvaging it into something new. Not even remotely realistic.
    – Madden ’19 is inevitable, so that’s an uneducated guess. But what’s the deal with “Quarterback arm animation”?
    – Dragon Age: Rise of Tiamat? No. Just…no. BioWare is all hands on Anthem and this collaboration makes zero sense. Why would EA collaborate with DnD to blend worlds together when they could just as easily make a whole new game based in a DnD campaign like Forgotten Realms?
    – Anthem without a doubt will show up, but…why Zac Effron and Snoop Dogg? If anything, Snoop would be playing Battlefield or Madden.
    – Microsoft is bound to hold some pretty sizeable conference, but the games listed are all wrong. There’s more founded rumors suggesting The Coalition is working on a whole new game or a possible reboot of Perfect Dark alongside Rare. The Xbox One X doesn’t need a “retrospective” since it’s still new, and why would they even bother mentioning a minor revision like an improved vapor chamber in the cooler? That’s something that happens in console production all the time without much fanfare at all.
    – Destiny 2 would NEVER be at a Microsoft conference. Bungie is locked into an exclusive marketing contract with Sony to do exclusive content for the game on PS4 first with other platforms following later. And the title makes no sense in the world. More than likely it’s going to be related to The Reef or the new aliens introduced at the end of the main campaign.
    – Rock Band 4….MIGHT happen, but I don’t see it being a Michael Jackson special edition. That’s more Just Dance territory.
    – Halo 6 is not showing up this year, or possibly even next. 343 have said they’re a long ways off from revealing the next Halo. Or they’re playing coy? Who knows?
    – Bethesda’s conference seems like almost pure BS except for Rage 2. They’re not working on a new Fallout, and if they were it’s probably with a new team. The Last Starfighter makes no sense, but something sci-fi related could be unveiled related to “Starfield”. Morrowind HD is a longshot possibility, but I don’t see it happening.
    – Sony’s conference lineup is almost all lies sans for The Last of Us Part II, Spider-Man, Death Stranding, and Days Gone. Heavy Rain would never get a sequel, as David Cage seldom works on sequels, and Detroit would have JUST released.
    – Blizzard doing a console port of WoW makes no sense, and they would save Diablo IV for Blizzcon in November. Same goes for Overwatch getting anything new, that would be purely for Blizzcon.
    – Fortnite likely would not get any exclusive content except for the occasional cosmetics, but even then it makes no sense to separate the player base like that.
    – No Man’s Sky wouldn’t be getting a sequel after the colossal flop at launch of the game, and it likely wouldn’t be from Sony at all. The name could refer to an update and not a full-on game.
    – The Nintendo Treehouse leaks look the most realistic. Metroid Prime 4 getting a subtitle actually makes a bit of sense considering the long break between MP3 and now. Super Smash Bros. debuting at the show has been confirmed at multiple sources and by Nintendo themselves. Star Fox getting a new game makes sense, but the title seems bogus due to rumors of it being a racer. F-Zero making a return would be interesting, but I don’t know if Nintendo intends to bring that series back with any meaningful ways. Fire Emblem’s title again makes sense because it’s had a placeholder name for a while, so officially debuting the real title would be perfect at E3.

    All in all, about 75% of this article is nonsense. I doubt a lot of this would show up at E3 in this form, but not for a lack of trying…

    • Anonymous says:

      tl;dr but one thing: Tiamat is a babylonian god, d&d just took it for a dragon god and from there it became famous. So d&d has no rights to it. Of course, if they depict it as a multi-headed chromatic dragon , they’re in trouble.

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ve been after a HD Morrowind for such a long time. It’s a great game and hopefully this HD remake brings new fans into the fold. I’d pick it up day one if it was also on the Switch for portability.

  • Anonymous says:

    The first big list is kinda BS I think, there are just some titles taht don’t make sense… (Than again I wouldn’t be surprised that EXACTLY BECAUSE OF THAT it would actually be legit cause we live in fucked up world like that)

    However that Nintendo list actually looks somehow believable, now what’s the truth… Guess we will see in 20ish days
    (I really only care about the new Fire Emblem game but, maybe there will be something else interesting enough)

  • Anonymous says:

    No real pokemon game for the switch is going to leave tons pissed, and ill be pissed if there is a ps4 pro V2 and getting my pro and its capabilities were lies and horsecrap.

  • Anonymous says:

    >Morrowind HD
    >when Skywind is right around the corner
    >and vanilla morrowind is easily modded to HD graphics

    On the one hand, I’m glad to see one of my favorite games getting some love (assuming this list is even real). On the other, I have no reason to be interested in this, and it only means no news ever on ES6.

    That said, I’m very excited if there is indeed a Bloodborne 2 and a new Final Fantasy Tactics in the works.

    • Anonymous says:

      Why would Bethesda give a shit about what a mod does? Given their track record it’s actually MORE likely they are going to take a huge dump on fan effort and dmca them out of the blue (yes, even after saying they are ok with it earlier).

  • Anonymous says:

    Dunno if this is fake too but Links Awakening wold actually be a good Zelda game again after the couple of “creative” ones we had now after TP. If you have a Nintendo console get it. The original from 1993 is my fav Game Boy title.

  • Anonymous says:

    Out of that entire list, and I’m just speaking for me personally, but the game I’m most excited to see (arguably the only one I’m excited to see) is the Final Fantasy Tactics.