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Final Fantasy VI’s Locke Joins Dissidia

Final Fantasy VI’s pilfering protagonist Locke has been announced as the second DLC character for Final Fantasy Dissidia NT.

Locke follows Final Fantasy XII’s Vayne as the second DLC character out of six who have been announced for the game. Judging by previous announcements, it can be inferred that the next four characters to be released for the game will all be from the eighth to fifteenth instalments in the franchise’s main series; one will be a female character who has already appeared in a Dissidia game, one will be a female character making her Dissidia debut and the other two will be males who have never been in a Dissidia game.

The choice of the relatively obscure Locke, whose fame outside of a small but vocal contingent of American nostalgia enthusiasts is quite low, may be surprising to many, given previous hints from the developers that the extremely popular Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII was likely to make an appearance in the game.

Locke will come to the arcade version of Dissidia on the 17th of May and will arrive on consoles in late June.

Game previews for the character can be seen below:

Official artwork:

Alternate costumes and weapons:

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