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China Quality Popsicle Made of Rats

What should have been a nice quick treat has turned into a nightmare for one unfortunate Chinese woman as the popsicle she purchased had a rat hidden inside of it, no doubt a way to cut back on costs as many China vendors tend to do.

Jiangsu’s Huai’an city was the location of the incident, where the woman began eating the frozen treat only to discover something furry sticking out; horrifically, she quickly came to the conclusion that she was staring at the tail of a rat.

Taking advantage of the grotesque situation, the woman returned to the supermarket where she procured the popsicle, demanding she be paid compensation – the owner initially tried to sway her with free popsicles and the possibility of even more bonus protein, but in the end offered up to 2,000 yuan ($315) instead.

The greedy woman however sensed payday and demanded 50,000 yuan ($7,800), though the authorities maintain that the most she could expect from the owner was 1,000 yuan – all of which of course assumes the tail wasn’t intentionally put there by the buyer themselves…

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