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Final Fantasy VII Remake Still Recruiting

Despite having published job openings back in March, Square Enix are still looking for potential employees to aid them in producing the highly coveted Final Fantasy VII remake, possibly boding ill for the title’s progress…

Square Enix are specifically looking for “battle planners” and “level planners” to aid in not producing a remake but what they are claiming will be a “new creation”, with such choice of words bound to have many quite concerned over what the final product will turn out to be…

The company has also noted that most of the development team from the first game has reunited for the remake and they are determined to try and produce a game that will “surpass the original”, making some wonder if Square Enix are taking into account what the fans want.

The Final Fantasy VII remake is in development for the PS4.

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  • >they are determined to try and produce a game that will “surpass the original”


  • I bet they do this.

    FF7 Episode 1
    FF7 Episode 2
    FF7 Episode 3
    FF7 season pass
    FF7 The midgar special with dlc not in the season pass(See Royal Edition bullshit in FF15)
    FF7 DLC not included in either pass.

  • Anonymous says:

    FFVII hadn’t even this good reviews when it came out. Some ratings were 80% or B-. Big con were the characters look, the constant random fights and Aerith as a cheap MacGuffin. Then the sales exploded and sudenly it was this big “90% we always told you” hit. Now don’t get me wrong. I love the game. But its history was rewritten and nobody talks anymore about the not so good stuff in it.

  • I hope they don’t make the game like final fantasy XV, but it’s a vain hope at this point. The graphic of that game is awesome but the battle system, the sub-quests, the overall magic system, the summons acting like a slot machine… Jeez, if they’ll make this remake like it… The only consolation is that, considering the time of production, I’ll probably be dead before seeing such an abomination.

  • When this game finally releases it is going to end up having the same impact as the donkey show, you go in thinking its a good idea, but when its all over you will come out feeling disgusted with yourself for what you just witnessed.

  • This is one of the reasons I fucking hate SquareEnix. They’re just a shadow of what used to be Square Soft and Enix. They’re so pathetic that producing a decent remake of one of their own properties is a major undertaking. I’m not just talking about FFVII. Virtually every port/remake they put on Steam is complete trash.

  • This is going to be epic S&^t They are remaking it to be globally accepted and are taking out the quirky Japanese elements that made the original so good. Keep the characters in Anime format, upgrade the visuals for modern day, and add anime VA’s to play the characters. What I would give if Rie Kugimiya would be the voice of Yuffie….

  • People still believe in Square Enix? Even Gust has better quality in their jrpg, and they’re made with low budget and rushed as hell. At least I know what’s happening!

    Not to sound like a broken record but, “let it go”: their only recent game that wasn’t a total disaster was Nier Automata, and even then I still think it was pretentious and boring trash and it’s not even close to the original Nier in passion.

    PS: Dragon Quest XI might be decent too but I prefer spending my money elsewhere. Screw SE.

      • Yeah but at least they don’t have cryptic stories with nonsense purple prosing and their fighting is rather straightforward and simple to learn (and even easier to break)

        Meanwhile you get games like Dissidia NT who’s terrible for so many reasons it’s best you look a video (hint hint, 3v3 is shit!) and Nier Automata, while a decent game overall, it just hasn’t much more depth in terms of combat and I found the story just pretentiously bad. FFXV is a case on itself, it’s THAT bad.

        I dunno but I rather have a story that I can actually understand than some fanfic that some guy decided to use for their triple A JRPG…

        • >Nier: Automata has a pretentiously bad story.
          You need to learn to separate bias from objective reasoning. Nier has one of the most intriguing and heart-felt stories in a VERY long time, and just because you can’t understand or comprehend its depths doesn’t mean it’s a bad game. It just means you can’t understand/don’t want to understand or you don’t care. That or you’re being contrarian. Either way-
          Does this mean that SE can make a good FF7 game? Maybe, with Nier’s success they can churn -something- of quality out, but that was a completely different team.
          TL;DR – Nier is objectively good, despite your bias reasoning, and FF7 likely doomed to failure but with a small chance of success.

  • People need to stop this retarded “they’re hiring new people so it will take at least another 10 years” mindset.
    Hiring new people mid development or even late in development in nothing new. XV hired lead enginneers shortly before release and is still fucking hiring new people, same with KH 0.2 which hired 3 aritsts right before release. Other games even hire lead roles late in development. No wonder everyone thinks Square is doing everything wrong when only idots spread info and news.