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CE-Asia Announces Revolutionary SRPG “Banner Of The Maid”

An SRPG in the unusual setting of revolutionary France is to be released for PC, PS4 and Switch in 2018, with Napoleon’s sister as the protagonist.

Chinese SRPG Banner of the Maid stars Napoleon’s imouto Pauline Bonaparte, who has recently graduated from a military academy and has found herself trapped in a world of revolutionary terror. The game features other historical figures such as Marie-Antoinette, no doubt with unwavering accuracy.

The game uses the traditional isometric style associated with tactical role-playing games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea, and the trailer gives vague hints that weather may be a factor affecting gameplay. The trailer itself can be seen below:

Potential fans have however noted that despite the title and the French setting, there do not seem to be any maids in the game. If it is confirmed that French maids are indeed absent, the game’s appeal may be somewhat limited.

The official release date is simply given as 2018, although Techraptor reports that bloggers are anticipating a May release. The game is currently planned to be released in Chinese, English and Japanese.

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