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Kizuna Ai × Horiemon Video Massively Disliked

Cherished virtual YouTuber Kizuna Ai has briefly met with previously arrested Livedoor founder Takafumi Horie and his friend Terada-san for a video, an event that has earned her a great deal of scorn in the form of the like/dislike ratio, possibly due to Horie’s many past controversial acts and general lack of charisma.

Kizuna Ai’s 4 minutes with Horiemon and Terada-san, who for some reason have inexplicably bad 3D CG models:

Another video on Horiemon’s channel featuring Kizuna Ai:

While most comments on the video don’t seem to express hatred for Takafumi Horie and his many misdeeds (such as for securities fraud leading to him being imprisoned for 2 and a half years and wearing a Hitler shirt on NHK), it is clearly evident that they are the likely cause of the video’s abundance of dislikes.

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