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52% Want To Block Pirate Anime & Manga Sites

The hot topic of the government potentially blocking access to illegal manga and anime sites has caused NicoNico Douga to hastily push out a survey to all its users, revealing that most individuals would be in favor of the government stamping out such pirate hot-spots even if it did require China-tier net controls.

89,154 individuals responded to the survey and the results were released the same day; the first question asked was “Regarding overseas sites that infringe upon copyright, are you in favor of blocking access to them, or against blocking access to them?” – 52.7% of voters agreed to blocking access, 19% did not agree and 28.2% didn’t know:

The 2nd question that voters were tasked with answering was “Do you agree or disagree in allowing the government to shut down such sites in an emergency whilst a legislative system is made at the same time?” – 47.8% were in favor of such an act, whilst 18.2% were not and 34% didn’t know:

“Do you think that internet providers should cooperate in blocking access to pirate sites?” was the final question, resulting in 55% agreeing, 15.3% disagreeing and 29.7% being unsure:

Although asking the Japanese equivalent of YouTubers some leading questions in an impromptu online poll is hardly a credible indicator of public opinion, it does seem most Japanese officials are only too ready to believe publishing industry claims that every download is a lost sale.

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    • Generally I don’t usually buy anime or manga but I do spend a lot on merchandise of series that I like. If I couldn’t readily access the anime then I’d probably not buy the merch. I think if you do illegally download anime/manga then you should spend some money supporting the series you like either through official merch or the actual anime/manga.

      • Same here. I do buy merchandise from time to time for the series that I like. Usually I buy figures, music CDs, wall scrolls, artworks book, keychain, etc.

        The anime and manga that sell in my country are heavily censored, in manga with BIG sound effect some time almost the whole page, in anime with mosaic, even the most tame things like panty shots or swimsuits but apparently somehow it’s OK for the part where people to killing each other. Also translation is pretty bad compared with fansubs and scanlation. Japan BDs for one series are also pretty expensive and don’t have eng sub. That’s why I don’t buy it either.

    • Also, they aired them on TV anyway. Most of the figures, plushes and other craps I have was due to my consumption of so-called pirate anime lol. Nowadays, I use Crunchyroll. My friends have boxes of anime related Figures and toys as higher then their wall if you stack em up. How much does one season of anime profit them per viewer? How much do 10 Figures or toy merch profit them per consumer? You do the math. In the US, we have Crunchyroll. In other parts of the world? The illegal download is the only way for anyone to watch anime. They black the access to anime for many people, their anime culture will shrink exponentially. One can find many shops even in Saudi Arabia dedicate in selling Anime merchs. How do you think the Saudis know so much about anime and come to love them? Besides, the traditional way of making money base on DVD or blu ray won’t generate much profit even if the pirate download doesn’t exist. The profit margin for merchs are higher than a box of blu ray disc. Also, you can sell a figure of an anime character in a different pose, settings etc. You can only sell an episode (or multiple episodes) in a disc once. People are not going to buy the same episodes again.

    • No offense but these are the same kinds of folk who wonder why their population is in decline, do we really have to reason with this idiocy? its inherited cleary throughout the bigwigs of the amazing sunshine behind my rear land, gotta love em spewing their own demise of entertainment & international methods of economic gain.

      I could explain the economic gain and the product promotion expenses that get cut down by this method of consumerism whereas the product is promoted to its viewer at the expense of zero by its producers as they aren’t the ones who are sharing content through the internet at the cost of these “pirates” own internet bills and what not which leads to viewers who may be possible consumers who later end up buying the show’s related other products like figurines/posters and whatnot.. but I’m sure anyone with an adequate common sense would be able to understand it…

      • Anonymous says:

        because they dont give a fuck about oversea people. we dont have easy way to buy them, or we get a heavy censored version, or shit quality (mangas in my country look like toilet paper) if we could get nice original merchadise without the problkems of custom and actually having more language on BD we would biy them

    • Oh please, that kind of garbage logic is exactly what a pirate would say. Support for fucking artists!! If you weren’t going to buy the media in the first place then you don’t deserve to enjoy it at all you plebe.

      • There is a reason why nobody talked about certain amazon/netflix-exclusive shows.
        People simply couldn’t watch them.

        It is common knowledge that exclusivity deals (and licensing in general) has been fucking large parts of the community for years, especially in places that aren’t America and that aren’t getting almost every single show.

        There is also the fact that piracy is the sole reason why anime became popular outside of Japan in the first place. Do you seriously think all those kids and teens were able to afford those overpriced tapes and DVDs? Get fucking real, mate.

        • Anonymous says:

          Pirates didn’t get Voltron, Robotech, Akira, GitS, DBZ, Sailor Moon, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Inuyasha, etc. in to US TV broadcasts and theaters back in the 80s and 90s. Was piracy a factor? Sure, but it’s pretty arrogant and inaccurate to say that it was “the sole reason.”

      • And how do you want to suport an artist you dont even know.
        Would it not be for pirating anime nobody in the west would know about 90% of anime.
        There would be no crunchyroll or even sankakucomplex without pirating anime.

      • People will pay for stuff if they have money, and if it isn’t a pain to do so. But they also have to know about it first. Free samples/demos are good, but word of mouth also helps a lot. Even pirates contribute towards promoting stuff, and making it accessible to people who can’t access it otherwise, for all sorts of reasons that you can’t imagine.

        • Like in the case of “Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu” in 2009. People talking about it on internet, made many videos on Youtube and NND. Its became very well know series in very short time all around the world. Director or someone even come out and said thanks to the internet that the series is very well receive and sell very well. Its also got many awards, and got many spin-offs.

          • And what a nightmare it was for a lot of the characters involved in that series. Sorry, I love almost all the cast, however I just don’t like a certain main character in that series.

      • I use online manga readers to figure out which manga artists are WORTH supporting. I’ve bought over 10,000 dollars worth of manga already, and I plan to buy more, but I wouldn’t know WHAT to buy if I didn’t have online readers. I can’t afford to buy the first couple volumes of every single series that ever comes out to try and figure out if it’s worth reading.

      • i bet you anti piracy people listen to illegal music on youtube all the fucking time, pretty much only vevo channels, channels like monstercat and going quantum, channels uploading NCS is legal, or bands/artists that upload their own work like gorillaz, everything else is not, like compilations and mixes or people uploading songs and ep’s from itunes.

      • I officially pirated Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon, because it was great. I then worked hard to find a way to buy the books that I can’t fucking read because I loved the show. I then bought the DVDs when I could; still have one or two left.

      • In 2012 when Megaupload got shutdown. I think people already learned about the whole piracy argument already.

        It’s impossible to win against internet the more you fight the more you lose. If people don’t know about anime then they won’t care about it and they won’t buy anything relate to it. If they do know anime by pirate it company wouldn’t lose any money over it but those people now could be potential customers they might buy something now or in the future.

        • And the effect of Megaupload went even further.

          Just so them fcker knows. Because you shut down and effectively stole the servers that have my shat of digital copies from legal collections, and my dojin collections and creations, all effectively lost, so I and others like me help made that shat with Trump and TPP pull out happen.

          As for the fight over internet, it ain’t over yet. They effectly murdered a major Linux leader in the US as a warning to get other leading IT nerds and geeks to fall in line. And look at what is happening with the fight and the cover story over the control of the Internet.

      • I would gladly not use pirate sites if the damn apps i already have would have all the anime i like and in a timely fashion.
        Funimation picks and choses what it dubs or posts up at all. Amazon prime is terrible with it. Netflix anime selection is pretty sorry. And crunchyroll. Dont get me started.

        Further more my reading is somewhat slow so i have to watch anime in Dub format.

        For better or worse. None of these companies provide all the anime even dubbed let alone the ones that dont even get to dub status at all.

        And before you attempt to attack me like oh i probably cant afford it, Well the right company with thier anime in order that has what i want comes along id pay over 100 a year.

        • Bootlegs isn’t the same as piracy. The selling of bootlegs is making money off something you don’t own. Anime piracy is watching something for free but supporting in other ways with exposure to people that can buy it now and eventually buying the item from the creators. As well as official merchandise. Without exposure there wouldn’t be extra income for the creators. You can’t buy or support a company if you don’t know about it.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anime piracy these days mainly consists of bootleg streaming, i.e. sites earning ad revenue from content they don’t own. Lots of viewers watch anime for free on those sites, but very few actually buy anything. They’re especially not importing $90 figurines for the many many shows that don’t have legitimate merchandise available outside Japan.

  • To combat piracy you need to make a better service for them to win their favor. Something simple, easy, high quality and affordable, something like Netflix for example. Shutting down their websites is like fighting cockroaches, they will quickly comeback.

    • Uh.. except Netflix sucks balls and is a very bad example.

      I bet your ass that 2 times out of 3 you will NOT find a movie you’re searching for in Netflix. Instead of adding to their shitty library ,they keep removing and adding constantly.
      the content is lacking , and overrated as fuck as a whole

      • Nothing they can do about adding and removing content; they have to license content and they cannot afford to indefinitely license every title, while adding more content to their service. Blame Sony, Disney, Fox, etc for being massive jews.

      • Name any other streaming site that put money in anime….
        Not streaming them but literally put money in developing them…

        I agree with you on the adding and removing bullshit. But we cant ignore the other side.

        • Is too soon to decide if Netflix investing in animes is a positive thing.

          Best case scenario: Netflix enters with the money in exchange for streaming rights. We see an increase in quality and the rest stays the same.

          Worst case scenario: Animes starts to cater to West, some genres die, animes start to follow the cartoon’s path, a slow and painful death.

          • Only cartoon was mostly shat in the first place, since the beginning. Only decent ones for adults this decade or two have been Archer. The rest are for kids like mlp, ppg, etc.

          • It probably won’t turn out in the worst case scenario. Netflix funds anime, and the only turd that’s been shat out between the West and DEEN is Neo Tokyo. Other than that, the only major issue is that the usual problems of anime production still persist, even though there’s no reason for them to. The schedules are still insane, with some people even worse.
            90% of its fanbase will always be Japan, then China, then the rest of Asia. Even Netflix will never make it to only pander to USA; it simply won’t work. If they make shit like a second-rate Space Dandy, it’s guaranteed to flop. They don’t make nearly enough money to fuck with the industry on a grand scale, nor would they be willing to spend that much in the first place. Besides, BD sales surpass streaming sales every time.

  • I remember when CR first launched, I thought, finally I can support the things I like.
    Then half the shows weren’t even available in my country. I vowed to never pay for media ever again.

  • Ok, lets check my apartment. I have 291 mangas, 128 DVD’s/blu-ray’s and 26 light novel’s at home just because I saw or read some animes or mangas on illegal sites.
    All paid from my own earned money. And I would have more if the market in my country had more to offer.
    Ban the sites and I will save money and they will lose it.

  • The Japanese must love their government and have lots of trust in those old geezers, despite knowing they are all just as corrupt as politicians everywhere in the world. I certainly wouldn’t trust my government to decide what sites I should be able to access and what not. It’s even worse when they would delegate the decisions to some random official who would accept no accountability whatsoever for his/her decisions and wouldn’t even need to bother to explain why some site is banned.

  • Any one against anime/manga pirate sites, are well supplied by those items. yet most of those sites are used by people that can barely get anime or manga.

    Instead of blocking, why not make alternatives.. Just look at the music industry and how hard netflix and such are working..

    • Elevens fear change (digital media), ebooks and emanga are only ‘a thing’ because of piracy and amazon. They even referred to amazon kindle as ‘black ships’, and if you don’t get the reference, fucking google it. Without foreign services and piracy, there will never be a japan based legal alternative. Blocking access to ‘pirate sites’ will do only further stagnate a dying market. Competition drives change, not stagnation.

    • It’s the opposite. It’s the free market way of doing things to want to be paid for your goods and your intellectual property. It’s the communist way, on the hand, to give things out for free.

  • Piracy isn’t really about lost sales. It’s about people benefiting from the product without paying anything to the producers of the product. There’s no guarantee that a person would buy the product if they can’t pirate it but if they can’t pirate it then they can’t benefit from it without buying it either.

  • So they are asking biased questions to stupid people who can’t grasp the consequences of these policies? And the result is less freedom for the sake of big companies profit? Sounds legit, democracy working as intended!

  • So how do we know this isn’t a similar situation like with how ajit pai faked the net neutrality poll and used fake accounts to make this bigger than it is since this seems like a lot of numbers in a short amount of time in where it’s not possible to get those results that quickly

  • i think the block on exist to block “JAPANESE users from accessing oversea illegal site” Nothing to do with the foreigner accessing their own illegal site.

    so chill people. The problem is Japanese themselves are pirating manga and “rare limited OVA”/movie…especially manga which is a big issue where a lot Japanese upload manga content up instead of paying. Especially doujinshi.

  • I still find it amusing that people want to pay money for Censorsroll so they can watch light beams and all that other crap.

    Especially when they actually have a choice in airing uncensored versions like which air on AT-X.

    Juuden-chan is a good example of that.

  • I’d use legit streaming sites if they actually worked. Don’t know how many times I’ve tried Crunchyroll only to have it lag so bad and crash. It’s plain unwatchable the way it currently is.

  • I’d gladly stop watching anime illegally… If I had all the anime I wanted to watch in one place, with the best quality available and uncensored. Most people access illegal streaming sites because they offer all that, not because it’s free. I mean, look at Steam! All PC games in one place, just buy it, wait a few moments and play. Steam reduced a lot of game piracy because it’s convenient and rewards you for buying the game there.

    The solution to reduce piracy is so obvious, but they keep ignoring it. The japanese government is not very smart when it comes to handling piracy, is it?

    • Got that right. I bought a lot of the same games I already own multiple copies to on different mediums, during sales. Many of them Jgames.

      Too bad I have yet to buy anime on Steam. I will if I can get a huge discount price, without the dubs.

      • P.S. I also own manga, doujin, etc on Japanese legal sites like Dls & DMM with Japanese account.

        A lot of what they have can’t be found anywhere unless you go to Japan during certain small window of times, and wait for a very long time in long lines with other follow fans. waiting for shat to happen.

    • Hell, we’re talking about a country that’s so backwards that porno mags is still a thing over there. It seems like 8 out of 10 male high school protagonists are hiding porno mags under their beds in animes. Finding porn on the net must be harder in Japan than it is in Saudi-Arabia, any taliban controlled are and North Korea combined. Either that, massive brainwashing or they all have some weird fetish for pixels…

  • I dont trust these polls that benefit them, (just like the elections), and if this poll is true then its really bad, that means they are giving their freedom away, pirate sites are just the start and the excuse they need to censor whatever the fuck they want, just like china.

    • The pools are likely rigged and there are various ways you can do it such as targeting a certain demographic ,making it unclear,or simply cooking the number5 either at a the pool app or in the back end or the poll does nothing and they justed fabricated it all.

      • That is right. Or you don’t even have to “cheat” that far. Polls are easy to rig if you ask the right questions the desired way in an confusing manner and method, and play with the the variables of the calculations for the equations. The same equations which will always give you the closest to the truth result almost 100% of the time, or it can give you any kind of result you prefer.

        Not that hard to turn polls of all lgbt to hate on lgbt stance, or trumpie to hate on trumpie stance.

  • “Every illegal download is a lost sale”
    With that logic, you could solve world hunger, because it was made with assumption EVERYONE HAS THE MONEY TO TOSS AROUND. Most of consumers don’t, or has things that limits them from buying the product.

    Hell, if you want to reclaim sales, why don’t you just put on more figures/figmas/standing arts/real-size character statue for sale? Official merch costs a lot, and harder to copy.

  • Honestly, this seems like a terrible idea. If I never pirated anime, I would have just never gotten into it, and then would have never bought considerable amounts of figures and paid for streaming services just to support those animes, nor would I have developed an interesting in Japanese culture and traveled there. And the worst part is, it will only affect non-tech savvy pirates. People will just use a VPN and connect through that to get around it.

  • do the same poll in the west and it would be the opposite result, even more whould be in favour for pirate sites, i mean look at youtube as a whole man, no one gives a fuck about copyright laws

    • And it started off partly as an anime and amv sharing site. Now most of those classic great amv are forever lost.

      However the blame this time falls with the music rights holder who want to nickel and dime even those who are helping their minor work to go mainstream. Most of the times they are not even the content creator.

  • This is rather shortsighted.

    Look, anime piracy was going on in the 1980s, long before widely available internet access for everyone, long before pirates could grab the subbed versions from official streaming sites, and long before Japan companies ever realized that there was a real audience for anime outside of Japan.

    People would have friends in Japan record shows on VHS tapes, ship them to the US (for example), sub them themselves (which on decks back then was not fucking easy), and then copy the hell out of the sub versions onto other VHS tapes for distribution. All of this was hard and expensive. Now that it’s relatively cheap and easy, it is not stoppable.

    Also, if we can’t watch the shows/movies, we don’t buy the figures, clear files, dakimakura covers, mugs, mousepads, posters, 3D crystals, music boxes, magnets, straps, calendars, pocket watches (who the fuck else buys pocket watches but us otaku?), artbooks — and the music CDs and the Blu-Rays.

    Stop piracy, destroy your export market. Close down that ‘Cool Japan’ thing, ’cause you won’t sell shit.


    • You are the moron here by creating the false assumption that if people have to pay for anime, then they won’t watch it. You even went so far to say that it would destroy their export market. What a retard lol.

    • Good point. I first really got into anime by renting VHS tapes copied from Hong Kong fan subs. Back then, there weren’t any other ways to get the shows I was curious about.

      As a result of that, I ended up buying lots of other merchandise, imported manga, translated manga, etc. Wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the copied VHS tapes.

      • Section nostalgia, I went to a Japanese neighborhood in my country and bought VHS from dragon ball to Gundam ..
        Do you know how long it took to go live on TV in those days? at least 6 YEARS !!
        The comments here are always as if the world were only Japan and USA ..

        It is not only the fact that it is for free, it is the fact that for all kinds of censorship certain animes will never be shown !!
        I have netflix and pay tv if it displays 10% of a Japanese season is too much !!

        Selfish opinion of who has everything at a low price ..

        All this leftist clowning only served to worsen the opinion of the Japanese about foreigners …
        How can you support producers if they are not allowed to sell in your country ??
        Worse in some countries, only American anime trash is shown even on pay TV ..
        (after decades still the mentality, anime is for child and hentai for depraved)

  • Anonymous says:

    more people trying to bring control to the place that breeds off chaos… the internet. Do authoritarian retards ever get tired of trying to control that which they have no control over? Free Porn.

  • Anonymous says:

    I doubt the statistics as being legit. It is incremental censorship, give it a decade or two and they will have the internet completely on lockdown. Any opposing political viewpoint will be censored.

  • Anonymous says:

    If the streaming group in question can put out timely content, without throttling, decent translation, for reasonable prices, then yeah, people would go more for that.
    But when we have companies like Crunchyroll SAYING they’re giving us 1080 or even 720, and you’re getting 600 or 400 rez, and it HAS to be streamed, and can’t be downloaded if you have crappy connection, then… fuck all that.

  • i know a lot hidden gem manga from ilegal site and i still buy your goddamn manga for fuck sake also any official merch. please dont make it harder to read your goddamn manga. because in my country everything is censored and thats sucks.

  • all of you said that it’s piracy and whatever,
    isn’t it basically the same as recording what’s showed on tv ?
    and if it’s fansub, it’s not even pirating…
    BDs are different matter though..

  • shitty poll didnt ask if the government should ban all manga and anime to see how many cared about piracy or just hated anime in general, my guess is the number would have been about 52% in favor of a global ban

  • I am a believer in property rights that includes IP. those people create that stuff. stealing it is stealing it. Getting shit for free is a great feeling. but the truth is, you are taking money from the creators pockets irrespective if you believe that or not.
    I am not a big supporter of any government enforcing crack downs, but protecting the individuals property rights is one of the very few things a fucking gov is supposed to be good for.
    its would be a bummer not to see anime fan subbed nearly as soon as it comes out, and having to wait years for it, but it is indeed theft. I can’t say anything negative about companies and creators wanting to protect their copyrighted material and IP

    • Copyright laws exist to benefit the rich and only the rich; everyone else gets fucked by it. Think your shit is protected by patents, trademarks & copyrights? Well guess what, there’s a rich asshole with an entire legal department capable of circumventing your legal claims with only the slightest variations and there’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

    • I have mixed feeling I think they should get paid but it needs to mostly go to the actual creators.
      But I also feel modern copyright law is just ridiculous and the law needs to be rolled back to the 1790 ,1831,or 1909 US law.
      There is zero reason for a copy right to last more than 65 years and even with the 1831 law someone could gold brick on something they did in their 20s until that were in their 60s.
      J. K. Rowling and George Lucas would have still became very rich even under the 1790 law.

  • See, I wouldn’t have a problem with this if the best way to watch anime in America wasn’t downloading it still or streaming it online. I do buy merch from time to time but I can’t justify buying blurays after years of western entertainment habits. I think part of it is that a good deal of entertainment media these days is free and at our fingertips and can easily be binge-watched. If you have access to The Walking Dead on Netflix, are you really going to buy the Boxset if you’re not that big a fan? I also think exclusivity deals and the wait for a english dub so that big name shows can be put on streaming services like Amazon and Netflix kills it because a big part of watching recent shows is the hype that surrounds the most current episode. When those shows get to the west, people probably have already moved on because they watched it months in advance to the American release.

  • Just make your own website then advertise on twitter or other social media sites FOR FREE. Have your shows ready to be read/downloaded or streamed and pirates would have less reason to pirate other than they can’t afford it. You’re also not restricted by SJW standards on your own site and tell them to fuck off when they start going twat mode on you. No one likes those twats other than mainstream media so it’s fine for the anime community as they already are flexible.

    Why is this industry insist on being rigid? They know the game, they now the plan, why the fuck do they insist?

  • Priviledged Japanese people can watch it on TV for free. Meanwhile I go to the store in Germany and have to pay over 100€ for one series and you have to pay for the dubs even if you don’t want them. Who can even afford this?

  • It’s almost as if Japan has easy access to anime and manga and don’t need to bother pirating them. Thing is, buying a full BD set in the west will cost you hundreds of dollars, if you can get it at all. Sure, there are streaming services like Netflix and Chrunchyroll, but many shows slip through the cracks and never get official Western releases or if they do, they get abandoned halfway through due to licensing issues. The quality of subs provided by these streaming services is sometimes dubious, and proper typesetting is usually ignored.

    Until there is a reliable, quality service to buy/stream anime in the West, I’ll keep on pirating, and there isn’t really much that these Japanese businessmen stuck in the 80s can do about it.

  • Just a note to everyone here too retarded to realize what’s going on:
    The Japanese government can only block domestic access to these sites. They have no say over whether your country blocks them, too.
    This wont be the end of anime/manga piracy, it just makes it difficult to access if you live in Japan.

  • The same thing that goes for games (steam being a lot more convenient to buy games through than going out of your way and pirating it), goes for anime and other shows too. The main reason why people pirate is convenience. If it WAS more convenient to watch anime on a service, then the people that can afford it, will use that service.

    As long as that doesn’t happen, they can’t expect to have people pay to watch their daily dose of animu.

    • Hope they learn from it. I own multiple copies of some game in different medium for the same reason. Many of them Jgames. However I have yet to buy anime from Steam.

      Just as I do for a lot of anime and manga in different prints in Japanese, or in other languages. I do own at least thousands of volumes. And more on Dls and DMM.

      I do hope they can get their shat together somehow.

      • P.S. I am talking all about legal copies here. If I don’t like the pirate, I am not going to get the real thing, and I do regret, just a bit, of getting some anime, manga, and dojin because of what they promised.

  • “Not available in your country.” – At least piracy is.
    Anyway, salaries are alot higher in USA and Japan, but even in western Europe then here. Whatever I can get costs me a lot. Like one series for a month and my saved money is busted.
    Its all about money. Some ppl just can’t pay those high prices, yet they have an interest and do what it takes. Its not that I pay for nothing, but not nearly as much as it would take to buy everything I watch.

  • The question is how I can pay on Crunchyroll if I do not have gift card?

    I mean, it is meaningless if someone like me on Crunchyroll member since 2007. (I am really dead serious).

    Crunchy roll need to make a game changer or else they lose profits.

  • The little bit I saw of Crunchyroll manga ended up being a flop since it felt like they were not being updated as fast as the scanilators. If there was a reliable site where i could read all the manga I wanted for a monthly fee i’d pay it, but the likelihood of a site like that coming into existence and being able to be as encompassing as fan translation is is extremely unlikely so a ton of series would fly under the radar for me.

  • people really are that stupid that they have to learn from their mistakes, just let it happen, so they understand their mistakes and then it will all go back. just like how people wont understand that nuclear energy is much better then fossil fuels, just let the world go to shit first, then people will know they fucked up, lets just hope that by then its not to late to change.

  • So are they going to block those sites locally from being accessible for Japan users, or do they intend to legally try to shut them down? If it’s the first choice, I couldn’t care less, if it’s the second… Well, good luck stopping internet piracy Japan, it has worked great for the music/gaming/movie industry so far.

    In fact, their efforts worked so damned good (not at all) that they Instead were forced to adapt and thus we got all those nice different streaming services, where we can watch movies, tv-series and listen to thousands of different musical artists & bands. Oh yeah, The pirate bay is still out there, despite governments all over the world doing everything they can to take it down, both legally and by not so legal means. But hey, it’s your choice to completely fuck your companies in the ass who wants to sell their stuff abroad, you dumb fucking conservative cunts. Let’s just put a 500% export tax on any Japanese products and see how they like it when they cant sell their electronics and cars abroad anymore, because who the hell in their right mind would pay 5 times more for a car when you can buy a similar one for 1/5 of the price.

    The solution is really quite simple, not that those old brain dead farts get this point, but I digress.

    Let’s see now, all they have to do is provide us with a good online service, filled with various anime and manga’s, where you can easily watch both a anime and read manga for a not too hefty subscription fee = less piracy. That’s pretty much what steam did for computer gaming. Hell, GTA5 has sold over 10.000.000 copies on steam alone, despite it being readily available on pirate & torrent sites for years. What you dumb fucking Japanese are doing, is trying to sell us blu-rays with 2-3 20 minute episodes for 70-80$. And that’s if you live in the states, it’s way more expensive, even harder to find, watch and import stuff outside US. Gotta love how those anime streaming sites blocked people outside of the US. Riiiiiiiight, I’m going to buy your overpriced stuff, since I cant watch it from Europe. One thing you can be fucking sure of, is that people will just go to a free streaming site, torrent sites and online readers for their anime/manga needs instead of shelling out your horrible, overpriced junk with few episodes. Perhaps if it was a box with 4-5 seasons, then 80$ might be worth buying, but for 2-3 episodes? Hell fucking no! You have to be a Japanese sheeple to accept that crap, which for some reason the Japanese assume the rest of the world also are.

    • “Let’s just put a 500% export tax on any Japanese products and see how they like it when they cant sell their electronics and cars abroad anymore”
      Yeah, retard, go fight a trade war as a tantrum because you can’t watch your cartoons anymore.

      • Oh look everyone, it’s a mouth-breather taking something completely out of context. Perhaps we should just ban globalism instead, that would be fine too. No more cheep stuff produced in sweatshops in Asia for you kiddo.

    • But the point here is piracy !!
      Once you use VPN you are not buying anything that comes in the ads .. (from the other side of the world ..)
      Worse, if they make serious laws blocking content, you are risking the neck of whoever pays your iP .. (or thinks they will not deliver the real ip when they knock on the door)

  • flying colors foundation did a poll about this a while back, lets see what they got so say, most people will probably say they have used illegal sites at least ones, and that people use them since they have a bigger collection of animes.

  • Given that theirs anime and manga don’t show up everywhere in the world and they usually keep thing for themselves and delay on sub-dub , sorry , i still need those pirate site to catch up with the series .
    I also bought manga / anime during the my time in Japan but now i am back to my country , no such luck due to the government think anime / manga is immoral .

  • I used to complain about dubs, citing that as my reason to watch fansubs. Now, years later, I complain about the quality of legit subs, citing that as my reason to just dl raws. hmm~

  • anime and manga is thing only for Japanese. We are westerners, and as a good westerner, we watch police action movies, and also military movies, maybe horror movies, sports, and so on.

    • Umm, good try? You sure don’t sound or think like a Westerner, and I say this as someone who knows how to, and did thought and lived partly as either, or, both, and more.

      Also many if not most “real” Westerners don’t do geek and nerd stuff n shat. They play manly team sport, gets hammered drunk, gets fcked, and prepares to go sit in the aisles listerning to the podium in the off morning, then they might or might not watch some movie on the main channel’s blockbuster feature. However no slanty eye’s fake cartoon, all cartoon are for kids, only live actions with real manly people and slutty looking eye candies.

      At least according to the “mainstream” of them “real” Westerners. That is how they can mock Miku and others on their “mainstream” shat channel.

  • ILLEGAL? SO DECENSORED STRIKE SUBS STRIKE WITCHES WILL BE UNAVAIBLE TOO? Against piracy? Are old uncensored hentai avaible LEGALLY in Japan? Isn’t this just a hidden way to close the LAST way to uncensored pornography?

  • I know it is probably a small group, but any show I really like I buy when it comes to the US. I have shelves worth of blu-ray, DVD, manga and light novels. Problem is not everything comes to the US, especially true for manga and LNs. When I buy a series, I delete my digital copies.

    • Just a word of personal opinions. If you have the means, time, resources, and passion, you should store those digital copies on multiple places, virtual space, and medium. That is what I did with most my shat, all legal, and what I should have done with some of my other shat before I lost them forever on mega. If you can, just digitalize your proof of purchase too. Also password lock part of it on certain virtual spaces and mediums.

    • No we don’t, and if it were not for the predecessor to alt right and the alt left, Japan would not have most of those censorship and thought police in the first place. Since those lobbies are very powerful, and have influences over those who owns the Japanese gov like a btch, or those who can influence Japan.