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Nutaku Now Accepting Verge Cryptocurrency

Determined to stay on the cusp of technology, English eroge distributor Nutaku has allowed its customers to pay for their spicy eroge with cryptocurrency “Verge”, its ability to make completely anonymous transactions bound to be highly preferred by those who want to keep their purchases discreet.

Formed in 2014, Verge merges bitcoin block chains with TOR and I2P networks to allow for anonymous transactions; it recently came to prominence after porn sites such as Brazzers and Pornhub established it as a payment method for their consumers (no coincidence, as both these and Nutaku are owned by porno megacorp Mindgeek).

A quote from Nutaku president Mark Antoon regarding this announcement:

“For months, we’ve seen the press and investor community focus on the growth of the cryptocurrency market. Both the gaming and adult industries have always been incubators for adopting new technology and showcasing innovation, which is one of the biggest reasons we’ve decided to start accepting Verge coin. We believe our community will make use of the new payment method, and we look forward to providing new options for crypto enthusiasts.”

This comes as a variety of services have actually stopped accepting Bitcoin due to its volatility and inflating transaction costs.

Those uninterested in using cryptocurrency can rest assured knowing that Nutaku will still allow the purchase of Nutaku Gold and all other items using the usual methods they’ve always had.

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