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Darling in the Franxx Staff Sent Death Threats

Fan outrage over Darling in the Franxx‘s 14th episode has grown to the point that the anime’s producers are now being sent death threats and mean tweets via Twitter, with many being surprised to know that the toxicity has not come solely from crude barbarians…

Yuichi Fukushima was the unlucky producer to become the stress reliever for the Internet’s childish denizens angry over the events of Darling in the Franxx’s latest airing – he first complemented the unique ending sequence for the show’s 14th episode:

His 2nd tweet however somehow triggered the masses, despite it only containing his thanks towards the staff and a message stating that he hopes fans will continue watching:

The comments made toward the producer ranged in severity, from simple insults to demanding the episode writer commit suicide:

“The director and the script can go die.”

“[Roughly] I killed your mother, silly writer.”

While death threats are no uncommon occurrence on the anonymous Internet, many sites seemed to have blown this news out of proportion…

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