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Pop Team Epic Itasha Really Pops Out

An itasha driver has come up with a truly creative way of integrating his Pop Team Epic art with the design of the car itself.

“Kuso anime” Pop Team Epic has once again provided inspiration for trollish itasha owners, including one who has integrated the brake lights of his Nissan R35 GT-R with Popuko’s eyes:

In addition to posting a number of other Pop Team Epic itasha designs, Twitter user 404_m9 also posted a video showing the design process for his latest abomination:

Thankfully, Japan’s road users will not be subject to the terrifying sight of Popuko’s bright red eyes lighting up in front of them any time soon. As of yet, the itasha design is limited to the digital world: it exists only on Gran Turismo Sport, courtesy of the game’s livery editor.

The R35’s ¥10 million price tag means that it is unlikely to be a popular choice for real life itasha fans.

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