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Top 10 Ways In Which Otaku Have Evolved

Temporarily deviating from the topic of specific anime and manga, this new ranking has asked voters about the ways they believe otaku have evolved the most since the Showa era (1926-1989), with some of the mentioned points likely still having some currency even today…

The ranking:

1. It Was Believed All Anime-Lovers Were Depressed

2. “Yaoi” Was Used Instead of “BL”, “Doujin Onna” Was Used Instead of “Fujoshi”

3. Fans Did Not Call Themselves “Otaku”

4 (tie). Those Who Loved Anime and Manga Were Treated Coldly

4 (tie). Doujinshi Could Only be Purchased Through Mail Order

6. Doujinshi Creators Would Publish Their Real Names and Addresses In Their Works

7. No Idols Claimed to Be Otaku

8. Anime Had to be Watched on Prime-Time Television

9. If You Wanted to Re-Watch Anime, You Had to Record It With VHS Tapes

10. There Were Not As Many Cosplayers

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