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Square Enix Vows To Spread Mobile Cancer Globally

Those hoping Square Enix would tone down their excessive focus on smartphone games may be disappointed to know that CEO Yosuke Matsuda intends to expand to the global market, paying greater attention to America and China specifically.

A few highlights from the interview with Yosuke Matsuda:

Interviewer: “Out of the major game companies, I believe you’ve succeeded in the mobile games industry.”

Yosuke Matsuda: “Not to the extent you’re suggesting. [Laughs] Thanks to the fans we’ve been able to put out some hit titles, but looking at the percentages we’re not particularly outstanding either. There are lots of failures as well. One thing to note though is that I believe the mobile game market trend where Japan, China, and North America would make up 80% of the market – including Taiwan and Korea, it would be more than 90% – has not changed since several years ago.

In the future, while it’s not outside the realm of possibility that this trend could shift dramatically, I believe that China and North America are still very important. These are markets where we don’t wield that much influence over, so we must especially put more effort into these markets. One direction to take is to branch out using our IP: for example, I believe we must try new approaches such as with AR technology. Other than that, partnerships are very important as well. Not just partnerships between different groups under our company, but we are also considering finding new partners to do business with.”

Interviewer: “Please tell us your plans for the Asia market.”

Yosuke Matsuda: “Regarding the China market, the fact is that we cannot do enough just by ourselves. That is why I believe it is time to consider a working with a partner, including on game development investment, and game studios as well. This isn’t limited to just Chinese enterprises, as I feel that the timing is right to decide where to invest in East Asia and South Asia as well.”

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    • For real. They wouldn’t be doing this if people weren’t buying it in the first place. The fact is there is money in mobile whether we like to admit it or not. Square is one of the few to fortunately deliver a few of these games overseas (dubious quality aside).

  • The largest gamer market segment (as well as the biggest spenders) are on mobile, not console/PC anymore. On top of that, relatively cheap development costs, ads and marketing, and low cost to put games on the platform in comparison to console make mobile gaming appetizing to many development companies. On top of that, it’s pretty low risk if it flops, so there’s no reason a sane company wouldn’t want to push games on mobile.

    I, for one, welcome the mobile overlords. I got better shit to do than sit at home and idly play a 60+ hour CoD clone for $90. I would rather move my gaming experience on the shitter and pay maybe $5 on an f2p if it’s worth it. Even then, Squeenix is still producing and publishing console and PC games, so it’s not a complete loss I don’t think.

  • Can you blame them though? Mobile games take almost no resources to make and rakes in loads of dough. Even if only 1 in 10 games makes it big that single game is enough to offset the production cost of all 10, as long as dumbasses continue to buy into this now socially accepted practice of gouging one’s own asshole with a giant spiked metal pole.

    • Well, they could just stop focusing on graphics and focus more on story, presentation, and gameplay. There’s no law preventing them from going multiplatform.

      Final fantasy 13 and 15 are graphically impressive, but they are my least favorite in the entire franchise. Of course, they still sold well so apparently I’m not part of their demographic any longer.

      • They can keep dishing out these shitty mobile games with low budget and make tons back so they dont really have any incentive to make real game sadly.

        FF15 cost like 100mil overall and if it sells 10mil copies, they will make 600mil which is 6x the cost but games like FGO makes 6x their cost every month.

  • Mobile games are not bad. Its people who play shitty crap like FGO further supporting low quality money grinding game imtations are bad. We won’t see much good games as long as this people exist.

    • What is a quality mobile game ?
      One that sells once and gets forgotten over months or one that’s played by millions and still making money from lootboxes and microtransactions ?

      Of course lootboxes and microtransactions will win people over by offering everything they THINK they want, putting cosmetics in or boosters for money, that’s how they keep people glued to those games. That defines popularity.

      For a mobile game like FGO additional useless but eye candy content is exactly what makes it popular. So long as people “want” that, i twill be like that, and that’s because people want to spend 60K USD on a game that they realize “Fuck it, I’m in till the end!”

      As long as people are willing to pay, this trend will continue.

      For you FGO is shit, probably cuz you can’t fully enjoy or play it, but for others it’s a godsend because they love their favorite Fate/anything characters.

      People don’t change.

      • I love Fate, Kantai, and Azure. They’re among my favorite games ever.

        Do I play them? NOPE. BUUUUUT they are a source of many of my beloved waifu. So keep the cute anime girls a comin.

        Maybe as a game they are not good/maybe they are, idk. However they are an excellent vehicle for fan creation.

        Now I will say I’d like to see some high quality anime games with a very very convincing anime aesthetic but that’s a different topic entirely.

      • FGO is shit because its simply a shitty game with horrible visuals and not even a shred of RPG system and stats, its not even indie level, simply trash. Game can have micro transactions in it, I don’t care as long as the game is actually good and its possible to do fine in it even as a F2P player.

          • “I never shitposted anywhere about a F2P game.”
            Except you just did. You failed horribly to be constructive and called it “shit” and “trash”, just like what any common shit poster would say about a show or game they don’t like, displeases them or doesn’t cater to their tastes.

            “if the game is simply BAD AT ITS CORE?”
            Using caps to prove a point huh? You’re not factual, deal with it kid.

            “Guess you hardly care about any games at all if you don’t know what makes a good one and how to spot a low effort crappy one.”

            Stop pretending you’re an expert game designer or a critic.

          • Are you dumb? I never shitposted anywhere about a F2P game. Why would I want a rare char in FGO if the game is simply BAD AT ITS CORE? I love fate but playing game as bad as this is just an insult. Guess you hardly care about any games at all if you don’t know what makes a good one and how to spot a low effort crappy one.

      • Console games is shit!!!

        The new God of War will be forgotten by next year just like how witcher 3 was forgotten now!!!!

        Mobile game is King u can play it anytime anywhere any moment . Mobile game is the future of gaming.

        I rather play PUBG mobile than PErsoNa 5 biches!!!!!