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China Quality Glass Door Hospitalizes Child

China quality products have continued to run amok in the overpopulated nation, this time involving a glass door that spontaneously exploded after being slid open by some children, unfortunately maiming them in the process.

Occurring at an Apple Store in a Chengdu mall, 2 children can be seen playing with the door while their mother is preoccupied; after one of the boys (a 4-year-old) pushed the door open all the way, it did what any China quality door would do and exploded, sadly leaving awful gashes on the boy’s face – the mother immediately took notice and rushed him to a hospital.

Surveillance footage captured the whole incident:

Following the horrific freak accident, the mother noted that her son (scarred by the incident both mentally and literally) had become introverted at school, prompting her to sue for 200,000 yuan ($31,000) in compensation.

The store’s manager however claimed that both his establishment and the mother are both at fault, claiming that the mother should have taken into account the possibility that the door would explode and paid more attention to the safety of her offspring.

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