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Black Book Has Complete Control

Hypnotism has worked its way into yet another perverted creation, with Migome’s English-translated “Black Book” offering an abundance of just such service but in the form of an RPGMaker game.

The straightforward story revolves around the male protagonist, a superintendent for an apartment who finds a magic book that allows the reader to use all sorts of sex-related spells, with the amorous man naturally wasting no time in using them on all the gorgeous women in the apartment.

The short title can be appreciated for its stunning illustrations now.

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  • Not that I’m going to be affected either way, but surely dlsite has better to plug. Does it really matter if it’s a fresh title? This must have hurt to post.

    Here’s the kindest way I could imagine it: The assets are hand-made from an artist “trying something new” with a Maker, and he even translated it himself from what he remembered of english classes. Picture someone young ambitious and naive, an endearing greenhorn, humble.

    Oh wait, they’re surely trying to charge for this “open mic night” school project, so scratch that last part. With some effort and wit I could probably meld a Babby’s First with a Failed Abortion or something about an unwanted orphan, but this post already spent more than it deserves.

    Come to think of it, the first post-mobilecancer thing I finally had to say on this site was a “Oh how fallen” remark. Maybe you two do suit each other. Start coverage of youtube AMVs and deviantart users, then announce autoplaying video and sancom gold. I’m a $9001/hr web consultant and those are even better than mobile redesigns.

    Alright, think I got that out of my system. This was earth fit for salting.