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Sega “May Reenter” Home Console Market

The long forgotten company that is Sega has confirmed that they have an interest in returning to the home game console market, unfortunately not by creating a new console but by re-releasing the Sega Genesis instead.

In an interview, Sega Games Co. president and COO Kenji Matsubara spoke of potentially creating a reprinted version of the Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) much like how Nintendo unleashed the Nintendo Mini, which prompted Sega fans to scream even louder for a Genesis iteration.

Additionally he proposed the idea of importing AtGame’s Sega Genesis Flashback to Japan (a reprint that the upstanding Gamespot perceived as mediocre), which has been primarily only been sold in the United States and Europe – though there has yet to be confirmation on this plan.

Sega withdrew from the game console market in 2001 and have since been selling games for other company’s hardware; Matsubara concluded by acknowledging the “growing demand” for home game consoles in Japan and requested that fans “wait” for updates on the matter.

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