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Man Commits Seppuku For Idol

A Japanese idol-lover distraught over the retirement of Taiwanese idol Dora (Zhou Yingxin) has attempted a seppuku suicide in front of her during her last performance, a rather grim ordeal that unveils the sad truth about (some) idol otaku.

The accomplished woman had announced her retirement some time ago, this news however deeply saddened the 48-year-old male fan and he traveled all the way to Taiwan to witness her final performance at the Nankang Software Park in Taipei.

After witnessing her last concert, the man was apparently so stricken with grief that he knelt down on the ground and attempted to commit seppuku; bystanders hindered his efforts and the police were eventually called, though his endeavor was likely most impeded by his decision to use a fruit knife.

Getting the chance to speak with her in broken English before committing his deed, the man admitted to being depressed and having suicidal thoughts over her retirement – his wounds were not fatal but he was taken to hospital just in case.

Following the incident, Zhou Yingxin posted a generic statement on her Facebook page “Life is precious. Please don’t do anything to make your family and friends worry” – a rather simple task for a woman who has thousands of fans who blindly love her.

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