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‘Absorption Lilith’ Dark Anime Succubus Onahole Gives 666x the Pleasure

Running J-List, I see a lot of onaholes, and one thing I like about them is the endless creativity the companies show us. You’d think at one point they’d run out of ideas and start recycling back from the beginning, but this has yet to happen. One innovative new onahole is the Absorption Lilith, a dark-skinned anime succubus sex toy for all your devilish private times!

Here’s the box, showing a dark-skinned devil girl who is full of lust, ready to suck your soul and your semen out from you through her demonic uterus. This is the first “dark” onahole I’ve ever seen, and the effect is very striking.

Here’s what the outside of the toy looks like. The size is excellent, just enough mass to feel realistic around you, and easy to grip.

Here’s an internal view of the Absorption Lilith onahole, showing the “six levels of hell” in keeping with the devil girl concept. Right off the bat, we can see that there are large, arrow-like ledges that form six different spaces, which is quite different from other onaholes that have smaller ridges or grooves. Each “level” is different: horizontal grooves at the front, large dots at the second level, circular collections of bumps at the third level, and so on, going deeper and deeper. At the end is her cervix, which you get to bump up against when it’s time to finish, just like when you’re deep inside a real girl.

This is what the Absorption Lilith onahole looks like from the outside looking in. You can see how each “level” can be felt as you go through, almost like six different hymens you are punching through. At 320 grams of weight “niku-atsu” or thickness of the meaty space around your member will be excellent, though not as thick as some of the larger onaholes from Magic Eyes.

The Absorption Lilith Dark Succubus Onahole is made in Japan by A-One, in accordance with Japanese manufacturing guidelines. The box contains the onahole, sealed in an airtight bag, plus a packet of starter lotion so you can get busy right away. Because this onahole is more complex internally than some others, you should make sure to wipe it out carefully with five or six tissues until dry before storing.

Your personal anime succubus is waiting for you to pleasure her. Buy her on the J-List site now!

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